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Gatsby Starter Portfolio Jodie
Image-heavy photography portfolio with colorful accents & customizable pages. Includes adaptive image grids powered by CSS grid and automatic image integration into projects.
The personal website/portfolio of Hashir Shoaib. Built using React and Bootstrap.
Govuk Prototype Kit
Rapidly create HTML prototypes of GOV.UK services
Gatsby Theme Byfolio
A simplified way to create a portfolio using GatsbyJS
CryptoCurrency Tracker for Android & iOS built with @flutter
Python Trading Robot
A trading robot, that can submit basic orders in an automated fashion using the TD API.
🎓 Best in Class modern CV, Resume and Portfolio website template. All-in-One-Page site with simply customizable builder.
Govuk elements
❗️GOV.UK Elements is deprecated, and will only receive major bug fixes and security patches.
Awesome Portfolio from your Github
Portfolio Demo
A portfolio build by using flutter for web.
Particleground Portfolio
A minimalistic particle theme landing page template. ⚛️
Create Portfolio
Create a personal website that showcases your work as a software developer.
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Govuk Design System
One place for service teams to find styles, components and patterns for designing government services.
My Portfolio Site | Made With @Gatsbyjs
Vuepress Homepage
📄 Elegant & friendly homepage (bio, tech portfolio, resume, doc...) template with Markdown and VuePress
Creating an automatic portfolio based on Github profile, with the ability to connect others
📰 Meu portfólio criado com o objetivo de mostrar meus projetos recentes e futuros ao longo da minha carreira.
Portfolio Template
A beautiful minimal and accessible portfolio template for Developers. Give it a star 🌟 if you find it useful.
Responsive Bootstrap 4 windows 95/98 theme & landing template
Alpha Mind
quantitative security portfolio analysis. The analysis pipeline including data storage abstraction, alpha calculation, ML based alpha combining and portfolio calculation.
Portfolio Generator
HoxNox - Portfolios Made Easy, Generate portfolios in 3 easy steps
Portfolio webpage to showcase description of word experiences, educations, projects with demo images and reference links, programming profiles across all platforms and mooc/award certificates.
My personal portfolio website built using React and three js
A modern and production-ready personal portfolio + blog template built with GatsbyJs and TailwindCSS
🚀 Software Developer Portfolio Template that helps you showcase your work and skills as a software developer.
Your portfolio is captured here!
Simple, clean, and fast one-page Hugo portfolio theme accompanied by a blog
Hugo Theme Console
A minimal, responsive and light theme for Hugo inspired by Linux console.
Portfolio website template
Gatsby London
A free, open source, image-concentric starter for GatsbyJS
Portfolio Generator
JS framework to dynamically generate a portfolio site from a JSON file
Cryptocurrency Portfolio
Google Sheets automatic creation with Google Apps Script (GAS) for managing a cryptocurrency tracking spreadsheet with multi exchanges
Cs Job Advice
Interview preparation geared towards getting your first job in the field.
Fast arrow
(no longer maintained) A simple yet robust (stock+options) API client for Robinhood
Gridsome Forestry Starter
Gridsome starter kit with Forestry (CMS)
A GitHubbified Resume using Primer CSS, a d3.js customised heatmap and illustrated with Figma
TailwindCSS based personal branding template. Built with react and framer-motion
Dev Folio
🔥 A collection of Free Portfolio templates for developers.
My CSS Creation Portfolio.
Personal website 🌊
My self coded personal website build with React.js
Myportfolio Hacktoberfest2019
I'm in need for a new portfolio website. Maybe the Hacktoberfest army could help me?
A Soccer Bet Portfolio Strategy Project
Govuk template
❗️GOV.UK Template is deprecated, and will only receive major bug fixes and security patches. A template containing the GOV.UK header and footer, and associated assets.
💼 My personal portfolio built with React and three.js.
A simple CLI to create your resume and personal website based on your LinkedIn profile or a JSON file
Responsive Portfolio
This is a Responsive Portfolio Website made with Love and Javascript; FEEL FREE TO COPY; NO COPYRIGHT ISSUE, in case of error ping me. Do follow me on github and star the repo
Node Finance
Module for portfolio optimization, prices and options
✨ My portfolio built with Next.js, MDX, Tailwind CSS, and Vercel.
Gatsby Starter Portfolio Minimal
A Gatsby Starter to create a clean one-page portfolio with Markdown content.
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