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Licence: MIT license
Desktop flutter app template

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flutter-app-template Join Gitter Chat Channel

Example app built using flutter-rs.


  • Support Hot reload
  • MethodChannel, EventChannel
  • Async runtime using tokio
  • System dialogs
  • Clipboard support
  • Cross platform support, Runs on mac, windows, linux
  • Support distribution format: (windows NSIS, mac app, mac dmg, linux snap)

Get Started

Install requirements

  • Rust

  • libglfw:

    • Install on Mac with: brew install glfw
    • Install on linux with apt install libglfw3
  • cmake:

    • Install on Mac with: brew install cmake
    • Install on linux with apt install cmake
  • flutter sdk

Config flutter engine version

flutter-rs need to know your flutter engine version. You can set this using any of the following methods.

  • If you have flutter cli in your PATH, you're set.
  • Set FLUTTER_ROOT environment variable to your flutter sdk path
  • Set FLUTTER_ENGINE_VERSION environment variable to your engine version

Clone this repo

git clone [email protected]:gliheng/flutter-app-template.git flutter-app
cd flutter-app
python ./scripts/


  • To develop with cli hot-reloading, simple run:

    python ./scripts/

  • To debug using VS Code dart tools:

    Start process using cargo run

    Then attach to debugger using flutter attach --debug-uri=DEBUG_URI


  • To build distribution, use: python ./scripts/ mac|dmg|nsis|snap

    Note: Build scripts are written in python3. Install python depenendencies using pip3 install -r scripts/requirements.txt Build on Windows require NSIS3

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