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🚀 This tool contains mini GUI components that you can hook together to automatically generate markdown code for a perfect readme.

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If you are forking please do not forget to star the repo
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Php Ulid
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Github Profilinator

Generate creative GitHub profile readmes in few click!

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This project is aimed to simplify your GitHub profile generation process by providing creative components from all over the web which can be added in a few click. In the end, with the click of a button, markdown is auto-generated which you can directly add to your readmes.

🧐 Feature list

  • [x] Image and text fields have multiple options like alignment, sizes, fit to screen
  • [x] Skill set filed
  • [x] Social badges field
  • [x] GitHub activity and language stats
  • [x] Dynamic blog posts
  • [x] Visitor counter
  • [x] Init with demo template
  • [x] Multi column support
  • [x] Customizable blocks and layouts
  • [x] Listening to from Spotify
  • [x] Multi template
  • [ ] Last tweet from Twitter
  • [ ] Last 3 uploads from Instagram

🚀 Getting started

This project is already deployed on

Instructions for local deployment are given below:

  1. Clone the repository
git clone [email protected]:rishavanand/github-profilinator.git
  1. Enter the project directory
cd github-profilinator
  1. Install dependencies
npm i
  1. Start local dev server
npm start
  1. View local deployment at

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