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A desktop app to import, edit and export fonts as byte arrays for use in embedded systems
Fake data generator for javascript
Mixup Generator
An implementation of "mixup: Beyond Empirical Risk Minimization"
Api Generator
PHP-code generator for Laravel framework, with complete support of JSON-API data format
Luna Commons
Companion for .env files
Visual Portfolio Generator with no extra installation
Use your AsyncAPI definition to generate literally anything. Markdown documentation, Node.js code, HTML documentation, anything!
A new command line tool and developer framework for scaffolding out GitHub projects. Generate offers the robustness and configurability of Yeoman, the expressiveness and simplicity of Slush, and more powerful flow control and composability than either.
Reverse Shell Generator
Hosted Reverse Shell generator with a ton of functionality. -- (Great for CTFs)
Create Exposed App
App generator with everything exposed for maximum control (powered by TypeScript, ESBuild, Jest, ESLint, GitHub Actions, Prettier, and more)
TypeScript 's type definition file (*.d.ts files) generator tool from JavaScript files.
Laravel Craftsman
Laravel Craftsman CLI for easily crafting Laravel assets for any project (artisan make on steroids)
Github Profilinator
🚀 This tool contains mini GUI components that you can hook together to automatically generate markdown code for a perfect readme.
Automatically generate a beautiful best-practice README file based on the contents of your repository
A pithy and powerful web framework.
Co Mocha
Enable support for generators in Mocha tests
API Generator - instantly generate REST and GraphQL APIs (openapi (OAS) 3.0.0)
Template your base files and generate new projects from Git(Hub).
Generator Web Extension
Advanced WebExtension generator that creates everything you need to get started with cross-browser web-extension development.
Generate specs for your rails application the easy way. Regressor generates model and controller specs based on validations, associations, enums, database, routes, callbacks. Use regressor to capture your rails application behaviour.
Php Ulid
A PHP port of alizain/ulid with some minor improvements.
Blazing fast dead simple static site generator
Laravel Tournaments
Laravel Package that allows you to generate customizable tournaments trees.
Golang package that generates clean, responsive HTML e-mails for sending transactional mail
Gpt Scrolls
A collaborative collection of open-source safe GPT-3 prompts that work well
Library for using Grafana' structures in Go programs and client for Grafana REST API.
Typed Scss Modules
🎁 Generate type definitions (.d.ts) for CSS Modules using SCSS
💻🔥CLI to generate the recommended documentation/files to improve contribution (Github, Gitlab, CodeCommit and Bitbucket)
jPasskit is an Java™ implementation of the Apple™ PassKit Web Service.
Xity Starter
A blog-ready 11ty starter based on PostCSS, with RSS feed and Native Elements!
Yii2 Enhanced Gii
Enhanced Yii2 Gii (generator) that generates related Models & CRUD
A C++ HTML document constructor only depending on the standard library.
Proof Of Stake Cryptocurrency Generator
🍀 Create your own Proof of Stake cryptocurrency with its own blockchain based on NXT
Simple script for generating Malformed QRCodes.
PHP 7.1 ready Smart and Simple Documentation for your PHP project
Spring Boot Plus
🔥 Spring-Boot-Plus is a easy-to-use, high-speed, high-efficient,feature-rich, open source spring boot scaffolding. 🚀
a blog based on of react,webpack3,dva,redux,material-ui,fetch,generator,markdown,nodejs,koa2,mongoose,docker,shell,and async/await 基于react+koa2技术栈的个人开源博客系统
Django Antd Tyadmin
类似 xadmin 的基于Model 快速生成前后台管理增删改查,筛选,搜索的后台管理自动化工具。Antd 界面好看现代化!前后端分离!无损二次开发!由Django Restful Framework 和 Ant Design Pro V4 驱动
📝 A website for automatically generating elegant LaTeX resumes.
A Multipurpose Library for Synthetic Time Series Generation in Python
Infinite Red's cutting edge React Native project boilerplate, along with a CLI, component/model generators, and more!
A Undetectable Payload Generation
Multi-Language Vulkan/GL/GLES/EGL/GLX/WGL Loader-Generator based on the official specs.
🍴 Open source license notice view generator for Swift
mpv Config File Generator for Windows
Portfolio Generator
HoxNox - Portfolios Made Easy, Generate portfolios in 3 easy steps
Query Translator
Query Translator is a search query translator with AST representation
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