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Licence: mit
Iceberg is the main toolset for handling VCS in Pharo.

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Iceberg is the main toolset for handling VCS in Pharo.

More concretely, Iceberg provides tools to checkout, commit, merge and other common operations in git repositories, all directly from the image. In fact, git is currently the only VCS backend for Iceberg, but it's design supports the addition of other options.

Iceberg also provides some plugins for smooth and fast integration with common actions in the workflow of contributors, such as creating a branch based on a GitHub issue number.

Getting Started

Newcomer as User? Follow this 5 minutes tutorial.

Newcomer as Contributor? Read this guide.

Want to Chat? There is the #iceberg channel in the Pharo Discord server.

You can find more useful information in our Wiki section.


The code is licensed under the MIT license.

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