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Licence: gpl-3.0
Fun & Motivational Todo List with Calendar for Android written in Kotlin. Using Redux, coroutines, Firebase and Clean Architecture.

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myPoli: Personal smart time-management for you

myPoli combines Calendar, ToDo list and Habit tracking app, all in one place to give you the best way to achieve your goals! Find time to exercise, learn new skills, focus deeply on meaningful work, stick to good habits and free you from the burden of scheduling tasks by yourself.


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  • Calendar + ToDo list for your daily schedule
  • Have your own Pet - choose a Pet and take care of it by completing your Tasks
  • Pomodoro Timer, Markdown notes & Subtasks
  • Sync between Android devices
  • Flexible habit scheduling - Workout 3 times per week every Mon, Tue, Fri and Sat
  • Sync with Google Calendar/Outlook
  • Amazing customization - choose your own theme, icons & colors

Libraries used

  • Conductor
  • Kotlin Coroutines
  • Firestore
  • Firebase
  • Dagger2
  • MPAndroidChart
  • Timber
  • Android-Job
  • probably some more

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