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An iOS app for GitHub with exploring trending
Movies Kotlin Kata
Katas for practice Kotlin( Coroutines, dataclasses, delegate properties...) Clean Architecture and best practices in Android(DI, Dagger, MVP, Espresso) implemented by Jorge Sánchez (Xurxodev)
Baking App Kotlin
Android architecture sample with dynamic feature modularisation, clean architecture with MVI (Uni-directional data flow), dagger hilt, DFM Navigation, kotlin coroutines with StateFlow and Exo player.
Open-source app to manage your tasks quickly and easily
🛡️ Android security (camera/microphone dots indicators) app using Hilt, Animations, Coroutines, Material, StateFlow, Jetpack (Room, ViewModel, Paging, Security, Biometrics, Start-up) based on MVVM architecture.
Node Api Boilerplate
DDD/Clean Architecture inspired boilerplate for Node web APIs
Ipoli Android
Fun & Motivational Todo List with Calendar for Android written in Kotlin. Using Redux, coroutines, Firebase and Clean Architecture.
Movie discovery app showcasing MVP, RxJava, Dagger 2 and Clean Architecture
Run Aspnetcore
A starter kit for your next ASP.NET Core web application. Boilerplate for ASP.NET Core reference application, demonstrating a layered application architecture with applying Clean Architecture and DDD best practices. Download 100+ page eBook PDF from here ->
Typescript Clean Architecture
It is my attempt to create Clean Architecture based application in Typescript
Sample app showcases the MVP pattern and Robert Martin's Clean Architecture approach.
Movieguide Kotlin
Movie discovery app showcasing Kotlin, RxJava, Dagger2, MVP using Clean Architecture
Web Dev Tools Android
Sample Android Application - MVVM, Clean Architecture, Modularization, Repository Pattern
Run Aspnetcore Realworld
E-Commerce real world example of run-aspnetcore ASP.NET Core web application. Implemented e-commerce domain with clean architecture for ASP.NET Core reference application, demonstrating a layered application architecture with DDD best practices. Download 100+ page eBook PDF from here ->
Clean Architecture Android
Sample to practice Clean Architecture in android applications.
Currency Converter Swift3.0 Viper
Calculates money quick and easy way to see live foreign exchange rates (Based on swift 4.2, viper architecture and special thanks to for conversion API)
Insights For Instagram
A simple iOS Instagram's media insights App written in Swift
Ios Modular Architecture
Template iOS application using Modular Architecture
Flutter Architecture Ddd
Flutter Architecture inspired by Domain Driven Design, Onion and Clean Architecture
Android Kotlin Mvi Cleanarchitecture
Android + Kotlin + Modularization + Gradle Depedency managment + Gradle written in Kotlin DSL + Custom Gradle Plugin + MVVM + MVI + Clean Architecture + Repository Pattern + Coroutines + Flows + Koin + Retrofit2 + ROOM + Kotlin-Android-Extension + KtLints
An Android Template with MVVM and Clean Architecture
Android Clean Arch Coroutines Koin
Implemented by Clean Architecture, MVVM, Koin, Coroutines, Moshi, Mockk, LiveData & DataBinding
Clean Boilerplate of Go, Domain-Driven Design, Clean Architecture, Gin and GORM.
MVVM example app. Quick blog post detailing the layers:
Craftsman is the workhorse behind the Wrapt framework and provides a suite of CLI commands for quickly scaffolding out new files and projects for your .NET Web APIs with simple CLI commands and configuration files.
Clean Code Javascript
🛁 Clean Code cho Javascript: một số lời khuyên để giữ cho code js của bạn luôn sạch sẽ thơm tho 💪 💪 💪
Coroutines Flows Modularised
Clean Architecture Modular Project: MVVM + Coroutines+ Flows + Dagger2 + LiveData + UnitTests + UITests + MockWebServer
Clean Architecture Swiftui
SwiftUI sample app using Clean Architecture. Examples of working with CoreData persistence, networking, dependency injection, unit testing, and more.
Clean Flutter App
Aplicativo feito em Flutter usando TDD, Clean Architecture, Design Patterns e SOLID principles
Android Clean Architecture
Showcasing a Clean Architecture approach from our Android applications framework!
Axion Technologies Hnh
Hotter’n Hell Hundred is the largest one hundred mile cycling events in the United States and the world. Held in Wichita Falls, TX, this event brings thousands of registrants within the city limits, resulting in a spike in revenue throughout local businesses, restaurants, and hotels, and overall for the city of Wichita Falls. There are several sub-events within the Hotter’n Hell Hundred, such as different races, dining events, consumer shows and a medical symposium. The proposed Hotter’n Hell Hundred mobile application serves as the ultimate source of information for the events, enabling users to quickly register for events and explore local places. In addition, the mobile application allows users to navigate through race during the event, tracking their speed, nearby rest stops, alternate routes, and finish line, ensuring the best possible experience during their stay in Wichita Falls.
Clean Code Java
Clean Code concepts adapted for Java. Based on @ryanmcdermott repository.
The Microservices Online Shop is an application with a modern software architecture that is cleanly designed and based on.NET lightweight technologies. The shop has two build variations. The first variant is the classic Microservices Architectural Style. The second one is with Dapr. Dapr has a comprehensive infrastructure for building highly decoupled Microservices; for this reason, I am using Dapr to achieve the noble goal of building a highly scalable application with clean architecture and clean code.
一个基于 Clean 架构以及 Retrofit , RxKotlin , Dagger 框架实现的 Kotlin for Android App 。
Clean Architecture
Example project showing off clean/hexagonal architecture concepts in Python
Thewisedev Mailing
theWiseDev | API for a squeze page to register users on a mailing list and to email them a bonus (written in Node.js and TypeScript in a Clean Architecture). This project can be used as a reference implementation of the Clean Architecture with Node.js and TypeScript.
Clean MVP Architecture with Dagger2 + Retrofit2 + Mockito + Fresco + EasiestGenericRecyclerAdapter using Kotlin. Added Unit Tests(Kotlin Tests)!
A solution template using Clean Architecture for building a .NET Core Worker Service.
Clean Architecture Delivery Example
A example of clean architecture in Java 8 and Spring Boot 2.0
A sample Android application using MVVM, Clean Architecture, Android Architecture Components
Done it
DoneIt is a sample note app 📝 Flutter application 📱 built to demonstrate use of Clean Architecture tools. Dedicated to all Flutter Developers with ❤️.
Demonstrates various ways of using Paging library with Room (LiveData, RxJava, custom datasource)
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