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Open Source Computer Vision Library

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Projects that are alternatives of or similar to Opencv

Computer Vision Guide
📖 This guide is to help you understand the basics of the computerized image and develop computer vision projects with OpenCV. Includes Python, Java, JavaScript, C# and C++ examples.
Stars: ✭ 244 (-99.58%)
Mutual labels:  opencv, image-processing
Scene Text Recognition
Scene text detection and recognition based on Extremal Region(ER)
Stars: ✭ 146 (-99.75%)
Mutual labels:  opencv, image-processing
A label tool aim to reduce semantic segmentation label time, rectangle and polygon annotation is supported
Stars: ✭ 113 (-99.81%)
Mutual labels:  opencv, image-processing
Is Now Illegal
🚫 A NERD protest against Trump's Immigration ban
Stars: ✭ 1,392 (-97.63%)
Mutual labels:  opencv, image-processing
Marvel - Face Recognition With Android & OpenCV
Stars: ✭ 199 (-99.66%)
Mutual labels:  opencv, image-processing
Nvidia Gpu Tensor Core Accelerator Pytorch Opencv
A complete machine vision container that includes Jupyter notebooks with built-in code hinting, Anaconda, CUDA-X, TensorRT inference accelerator for Tensor cores, CuPy (GPU drop in replacement for Numpy), PyTorch, TF2, Tensorboard, and OpenCV for accelerated workloads on NVIDIA Tensor cores and GPUs.
Stars: ✭ 110 (-99.81%)
Mutual labels:  opencv, image-processing
Haskell Opencv
Haskell binding to OpenCV-3.x
Stars: ✭ 145 (-99.75%)
Mutual labels:  opencv, image-processing
Automatic Leaf Infection Identifier
Automatic detection of plant diseases
Stars: ✭ 97 (-99.83%)
Mutual labels:  opencv, image-processing
Grade exams fast and accurately using a scanner 🖨 or your phone 🤳.
Stars: ✭ 189 (-99.68%)
Mutual labels:  opencv, image-processing
Opencv Python Tutorial
📖 OpenCV-Python image processing tutorial for beginners
Stars: ✭ 2,425 (-95.87%)
Mutual labels:  opencv, image-processing
Conducts image stitching upon an input video to generate a panorama in 3D
Stars: ✭ 98 (-99.83%)
Mutual labels:  opencv, image-processing
Thug Memes
Command line Thug Meme generator written in Python
Stars: ✭ 224 (-99.62%)
Mutual labels:  opencv, image-processing
Sign Language Recognition
✌️ 👌 ✊ 📷 Sign Language Recognition using Python
Stars: ✭ 98 (-99.83%)
Mutual labels:  opencv, image-processing
Ios Rubik Solver
An iOS app that detects a 3x3 Rubik's cube, recognizes the color of all cubies, solves it and provides a 3D visualisation of the solving process.
Stars: ✭ 111 (-99.81%)
Mutual labels:  opencv, image-processing
Traffic Sign Detection
Traffic signs detection and classification in real time
Stars: ✭ 96 (-99.84%)
Mutual labels:  opencv, image-processing
Color Tracker
Color tracking with OpenCV
Stars: ✭ 128 (-99.78%)
Mutual labels:  opencv, image-processing
The bilateral solver
Fast Bilateral Solver implementation with C++ and demos
Stars: ✭ 87 (-99.85%)
Mutual labels:  opencv, image-processing
Retina Features
Project for segmentation of blood vessels, microaneurysm and hardexudates in fundus images.
Stars: ✭ 95 (-99.84%)
Mutual labels:  opencv, image-processing
Invisibility cloak
This is a fun application of image processing which enables you to experience the magic of an invisibility cloak. Let's make our childhood fantasy of using an invisibility cloak come true.
Stars: ✭ 176 (-99.7%)
Mutual labels:  opencv, image-processing
Superpixels Revisited
Library containing 7 state-of-the-art superpixel algorithms with a total of 9 implementations used for evaluation purposes in [1] utilizing an extended version of the Berkeley Segmentation Benchmark.
Stars: ✭ 222 (-99.62%)
Mutual labels:  opencv, image-processing

OpenCV: Open Source Computer Vision Library



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