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Top 1019 image-processing open source projects

Build and install OpenCV for the NVIDIA Jetson TX2
Computer Vision Guide
📖 This guide is to help you understand the basics of the computerized image and develop computer vision projects with OpenCV. Includes Python, Java, JavaScript, C# and C++ examples.
Perceptual Reflection Removal
Single Image Reflection Separation with Perceptual Losses
Image Js
Image processing and manipulation in JavaScript
Pure golang image resizing
decode, inspect, edit, and encode png images in pure swift
Node S3 Uploader
Flexible and efficient resize, rename, and upload images to Amazon S3 disk storage. Uses the official AWS Node SDK for transfer, and ImageMagick for image processing. Support for multiple image versions targets.
A minimal and fast image library for Python and C++
A set of efficient categories for UIImage class. It allows filtering, resizing, masking, rotating, enhancing... and more.
Open source 2D node-based raster/vector graphics editor (Photoshop + Illustrator + Houdini = Graphite)
DehazeZoo for collecting dehazing methods, datasets, and codes.
Image Compress Without Backend
Pure frontend solution to compress images
Thug Memes
Command line Thug Meme generator written in Python
Superpixels Revisited
Library containing 7 state-of-the-art superpixel algorithms with a total of 9 implementations used for evaluation purposes in [1] utilizing an extended version of the Berkeley Segmentation Benchmark.
Obs Kinect
OBS Plugin to use a Kinect (all models supported) in OBS (and setup a virtual green screen based on depth and/or body detection).
iipsrv is an advanced high-performance feature-rich image server for web-based streamed viewing and zooming of ultra high-resolution images.
Image segmentation - general superpixel segmentation & center detection & region growing
Swift port of Apple UIImage+UIImageEffecs category.
Javascript Image Processing Framework based on Marvin Framework
Generating RGB photos from RAW image files with PyNET
Python library to calculate the difference hash (perceptual hash) for a given image, useful for detecting duplicates
Style Art library process images using COREML with a set of pre trained machine learning models and convert them to Art style.
🏙 Retinal is a Serverless AWS Lambda service for resizing images on-demand or event-triggered
Signature extractor
A super lightweight image processing algorithm for detection and extraction of overlapped handwritten signatures on scanned documents using OpenCV and scikit-image.
Video stabilization using gyro data from GoPro or external logs
Detect and fix skew in images containing text
Krita Batch Exporter
A Free Krita plugin to batch export layers and groups with maximum flexibility. Scale, trim, export multiple copies of your layers...
ML data annotations made super easy for teams. Just upload data, add your team and build training/evaluation dataset in hours.
Detect source resolution of upscaled images
Stackblur Go
A fast, almost Gaussian Blur implementation in Go
Grade exams fast and accurately using a scanner 🖨 or your phone 🤳.
Go Exif
A very complete, highly tested, standards-driven (but customizable) EXIF reader/writer lovingly written in Go.
Android Cutout
Android image background removing library
📷 Reactive python package for managing, creating and visualizing different deep-learning image annotation formats
Opencv Python Tutorial
📖 OpenCV-Python image processing tutorial for beginners
DEPRECATED - An Image Processing Interface for Android
Core OSSIM (Open Source Software Image Map) package including C++ code for OSSIM library, command-line applications, tests, and build system
Similar images search for PostgreSQL
smartcrop implementation in Python
Faster than light image resizing service that runs on AWS. Super simple to set up, highly available and very performant.
Weibo Img Crypto
Invisibility cloak
This is a fun application of image processing which enables you to experience the magic of an invisibility cloak. Let's make our childhood fantasy of using an invisibility cloak come true.
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