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Licence: mit
📷 A composable image editor using Core Image and Metal.

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📷 A composable image editor using Core Image and Metal.
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NextLevel was initally a weekend project that has now grown into a open community of camera platform enthusists. The software provides foundational components for managing media recording, camera interface customization, gestural interaction customization, and image streaming on iOS. The same capabilities can also be found in apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Vine.
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图片/视频选择器 - 支持LivePhoto、GIF图片选择、3DTouch预览、在线下载iCloud上的资源、编辑图片/视频、浏览网络图片 功能 Imitation wx photo/image picker - support for LivePhoto, GIF image selection, 3DTouch preview, Download the resources on iCloud online, browse the web image function
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easy to use mac osx image editing application for the rest of us
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Brightroom - Composable image editor - building your own UI

Classic Image Editor PhotosCrop Face detection Masking component

🎉 v2 now open!

⚒ Issues are managed in v2 project

📌 Pixel has been renamed as Brightroom

📖 Detailed documentations are available on here

🎈 Wanted CoreImage and Metal professional! Please help us, we have issues that we don't know how to solve. (help wanted in Issues)

⭐️ If you interested in v2, hit the Star button to motivate us! 🤠

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Brightroom v2 provides the following features:

  • Components are built separately and run standalone using an EditingStack.
  • Create your own image editor UI by composing components.
  • EditingStack manages the history of editing and renders images. It's like a headless browser.
  • Headless rendering with using EditingStack
  • Wide color editing supported
  • Super large photo (12000px) supported (But exporting takes so long time for now.)
  • Blazing fast previewing by Metal power.
  • Drawing supported - masking blurry
  • Creating your own filter with LUT
  • Opening the image from URL
  • Supported UIKit and SwiftUI
  • Downloading image supported


  • Swift 5.3 (Xcode12.4+)
  • iOS 12+

Detail Documentations




// Creating image provider
let imageProvider: ImageProvider = .init(image: uiImage) // url, data supported.

// Creating view controller
let controller = PhotosCropViewController(imageProvider: imageProvider)

// Setting up handling after editing finished.

SwiftUI supported (beta)

Not sophisticated API.
Please help us 🤲

let editingStack: EditingStack

SwiftUIPhotosCropView(editingStack: editingStack, onCompleted: {
  let image = try! editingStack.makeRenderer().render().swiftUIImage

Demo applications

This repository contains a demo application.
You can see many demonstrations of what Brightroom can perform and experiments in technology.

Customization showcases



pod 'Brightroom/Engine'
pod 'Brightroom/UI-Classic'
pod 'Brightroom/UI-Crop'

Swift Package Manager

dependencies: [
    .package(url: "", exact: "2.2.0")


Brightroom is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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