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Svg Filters
🔮 Fildrop. A set of custom SVG Filters
Ffmpeg Video Slideshow Scripts
Shell scripts to create video slideshows using images and videos
Vue Product Zoomer
Zoom Prodct Image, useful for e-shop website
React Native Scalable Image
React Native Image component which scales width or height automatically to keep the original aspect ratio
Pygame Menu
Menu for pygame. Simple, lightweight and easy to use
Img Vuer
An Mobile-First image viewer for Vue2 / 一个移动端优先的 Vue2 图片预览插件
Image Js
Image processing and manipulation in JavaScript
Poly Flif
📷 A poly-fill for the FLIF image format.
Caption generator
A modular library built on top of Keras and TensorFlow to generate a caption in natural language for any input image.
PHP验证码识别[PHP CAPTCHA Recognition]
Python Barcode
㊙️ Create standard barcodes with Python. No external dependencies. 100% Organic Python.
A command line image processing tool
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Quick Picture Viewer
🖼️ Lightweight, versatile desktop image viewer for Windows. The best replacement for the default Windows photo viewer.
U++ is a C++ cross-platform rapid application development framework focused on programmer's productivity. It includes a set of libraries (GUI, SQL, Network etc.), and integrated development environment (TheIDE).
Vscode Paste Image
paste image from clipboard to markdown/asciidoc directly!
A mruby-based Builder for Docker Images
Nexus Cli
Nexus CLI for Docker Registry v2 🐳
Terminal Image Cli
Display images in the terminal
PHP library to manipulate and generate responsive images
Perceptual image hashing library used to match similar images
SJNetwork is a high level network request tool based on AFNetworking and inspired on YTKNetwork.
🔥可以根据图片内容变阴影颜色,更加细腻的阴影效果 It can change color according to the picture, more delicate shadow effect
DualGAN-tensorflow: tensorflow implementation of DualGAN
Simple and convenient library that allows you to slide images through a view.
Craft Imageoptimize
Automatically create & optimize responsive image transforms, using either native Craft transforms or a service like Imgix, with zero template changes.
React Worker Image
React component to fetch image resources via web workers 🤖🤖
Android Imagecropview
android image crop library
React Native Perspective Image Cropper
Perform custom crop, resizing and perspective correction 📐🖼
Vue Img Cutter
✭ 220
Use Image Color
🎨 A hook to grab a color palette from images. Render a skeleton color while your original image still loading.
React Native Auto Height Image
🖼️React native auto height image
Quickly view satellite imagery, hyperspectral imagery, and machine learning image outputs directly in your iTerm2 terminal.
Gulp Image
Optimize PNG, JPEG, GIF, SVG images with gulp task.
🍉 Album and Gallery for Android platform.
Contrast Swatch
🅰️ Image microservice for color contrast information
An image cropper / photo cropper for iOS like in the Contacts app with support for landscape orientation.
Resize image in browser with high quality and high speed
Python library to calculate the difference hash (perceptual hash) for a given image, useful for detecting duplicates
Antd Img Crop
🔪 An image cropper for Ant Design Upload
Lazyload Image
HTMLImageElement extension for lazy loading.
Picasso is a high quality 2D vector graphic rendering library. It support path , matrix , gradient , pattern , image and truetype font.
🔥 压缩文件,压缩图片,压缩Bitmap,Compress, CompressImage, CompressFile, CompressBitmap:
Grunt Image
Optimize PNG, JPEG, GIF, SVG images with grunt task.
Jekyll Spaceship
🚀 A Jekyll plugin to provide powerful supports for table, mathjax, plantuml, mermaid, emoji, video, audio, youtube, vimeo, dailymotion, soundcloud, spotify, etc.
🏈 Generate your own O'RLY animal book cover to troll your colleagues | 生成你自己的O'RLY动物书封面,让你的同事惊掉下巴
OpenL3: Open-source deep audio and image embeddings
"Image Album" — or "Photo Album" if you like that better — View( Controller) for all crazy iOS developers out there...
golang light-weight image crawler
A lightbox inspired Vue.js component.
Vue Cool Lightbox
Vue.js lightbox inspired by fancybox.
React Native Progressive Image
🌁 ProgressiveImage, progressively load images with React Native.
Arbitrary Text To Image Papers
A collection of arbitrary text to image papers with code (constantly updating)
Qimage Win
Windows 版本 Markdown 一键贴图工具,支持本地文件、截图、网络图片一键上传七牛云并返回图片引用,让 Markdown 中贴图变成一种享受。
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