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Data Wrangling and Processing for Genomics

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Wrangling Genomics

Lesson for quality control and wrangling genomics data. This repository is maintained by Josh Herr, Ming Tang, and Fotis Psomopoulos.

Amazon public AMI for this tutorial is "dataCgen-qc".


Wrangling genomics trains novice learners on a variant calling workflow. Participants will learn how to evaluate sequence quality and what to do if it is not good. We will then cover aligning reads to a genome, and calling variants, as well as discussing different file formats. Results will be visualized. Finally, we will cover how to automate the process by building a shell script.

This lesson is part of the Data Carpentry Genomics Workshop.


Code of Conduct

All participants should agree to abide by the Data Carpentry Code of Conduct.


Wrangling genomics is authored and maintained by the community.


Please cite as:

Erin Alison Becker, Taylor Reiter, Fotis Psomopoulos, Sheldon John McKay, Jessica Elizabeth Mizzi, Jason Williams, … Winni Kretzschmar. (2019, June). datacarpentry/wrangling-genomics: Data Carpentry: Genomics data wrangling and processing, June 2019 (Version v2019.06.1). Zenodo.

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