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Applied Reinforcement Learning
Reinforcement Learning and Decision Making tutorials explained at an intuitive level and with Jupyter Notebooks
R Ecology Lesson
Data Analysis and Visualization in R for Ecologists
Sdust Examination Materials
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👨🏻‍🏫 — Web Edukasi Open-Source yang dibuat oleh SYAUQIZAIDAN KHAIRAN KHALAF. Learnify adalah Web edukasi yang dilengkapi video, materi dan sistem ujian yang tersedia secara gratis. Learnify dibuat ditujukan agar para siswa dan guru dapat terus belajar dan mengajar dimana saja dan kapan saja.
React and Rails 5 calendar appointment app
Eosio Card Game Repo
The Elemental Battles Tutorial is divided into easy to follow lessons that take you through the process of creating your own fully-functional blockchain-based dApp.
Re Learn
A library for integrating tutorials into your re-frame/reagent application
Slides + What can I do after taking Lesson 1? Lesson 2? ... etc
One-hour introductory lessons on ideas and tools in coding and data wrangling for research.
An interactive, explorable explanation about the peculiar magic of sound waves.
A Very Basic into Intermediate Algorithm Lesson
React From Zero
A simple (99% ES2015 less) tutorial for React
Python Lessons
Exercises and code snippets to share with my students
This course is intended to quickly get you up to speed on Roku SceneGraph. It's aimed at an audience of developers who are familiar with streaming video applications but are unfamiliar with Roku.
A Carpentry style lesson on machine learning with Python and scikit-learn.
A Zeek Network Security Monitor tutorial that will cover the basics of creating a Zeek instance on your network in addition to all of the necessary hardware and setup and finally provide some examples of how you can use the power of Zeek to have absolute control over your network.
bitrixtemplate stylish
Набор уроков по интеграции Bootstrap дизайна в 1С-Битрикс (набор демо-данных + шаблон 1C-Bitrix)
machine learning examples in python
Template for creating lesson plan repos, including the lesson plan template. Fork this or use it as a template to create new lesson plans.
Getting started with Docker
Lesson materials for an Introduction to High Performance Computing in the tradition of Software Carpentry Training Team Home for Lists of Lesson Plans and Workshop Ideas
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