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Licence: mit
Simple HTML5 Charts using the <canvas> tag

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Chart.xkcd is a chart library that plots “sketchy”, “cartoony” or “hand-drawn” styled charts.
Stars: ✭ 6,982 (-87.45%)
Mutual labels:  graph, chart, html5, html5-charts
Create all the [ch]arts by cax or three.js - Cax 和 three.js 创造一切图[表]
Stars: ✭ 152 (-99.73%)
Mutual labels:  chart, html5, canvas
Compare npm package downloads over time
Stars: ✭ 129 (-99.77%)
Mutual labels:  hacktoberfest, graph, chart
V Chart Plugin
Easily bind a chart to the data stored in your Vue.js components.
Stars: ✭ 188 (-99.66%)
Mutual labels:  hacktoberfest, graph, chart
Interactive code editor with a live binary tree visual designed to teach new developers the fundamentals of dynamic programming.
Stars: ✭ 82 (-99.85%)
Mutual labels:  hacktoberfest, html5, canvas
HQChart - H5, 微信小程序 沪深/港股/数字货币/期货/美股 K线图(kline),走势图,缩放,拖拽,十字光标,画图工具,截图,筹码图. 分析家语法,通达信语法,(麦语法),第3方数据替换接口
Stars: ✭ 1,126 (-97.98%)
Mutual labels:  chart, html5, canvas
Fl chart
A powerful Flutter chart library, currently supporting Line Chart, Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Scatter Chart and Radar Chart.
Stars: ✭ 3,882 (-93.02%)
Mutual labels:  hacktoberfest, graph, chart
🚀 JavaScript diagramming library that uses SVG and HTML for rendering.
Stars: ✭ 2,686 (-95.17%)
Mutual labels:  graph, chart, html5
A fast, simple and cross-platform(html5 react-native weex wechat-applet) stock chart library created using canvas.
Stars: ✭ 250 (-99.55%)
Mutual labels:  graph, chart, canvas
Stock Chart
基于 canvas 的沪深两市股票分时 K 线图
Stars: ✭ 170 (-99.69%)
Mutual labels:  chart, canvas
A Flutter data visualization library based on Grammar of Graphics.
Stars: ✭ 173 (-99.69%)
Mutual labels:  graph, chart
World's fastest HTML5 2D game engine   🛸
Stars: ✭ 174 (-99.69%)
Mutual labels:  html5, canvas
Diagram Maker
A library to display an interactive editor for any graph-like data.
Stars: ✭ 2,086 (-96.25%)
Mutual labels:  graph, canvas
Layaair discard
This is old LayaAir veriosn writetten by ActionScript 3.0 ,now LayaAir is using TypeScript as the Engine Script,Please use instead.
Stars: ✭ 1,858 (-96.66%)
Mutual labels:  html5, canvas
A charting library streamlined for building interactive visualizations for the Qlik product suites.
Stars: ✭ 175 (-99.69%)
Mutual labels:  chart, canvas
Zen 3d
JavaScript 3D library.
Stars: ✭ 155 (-99.72%)
Mutual labels:  html5, canvas
🎀 Only 1kb javascript gist to generate a ribbon in your website with HTML5 canvas.
Stars: ✭ 189 (-99.66%)
Mutual labels:  html5, canvas
Kiddo Paint
Stars: ✭ 189 (-99.66%)
Mutual labels:  html5, canvas
Jira Dependency Graph
Graph visualizer for JIRA tickets' dependencies
Stars: ✭ 194 (-99.65%)
Mutual labels:  graph, chart
Laravel package to find performance bottlenecks in your laravel application.
Stars: ✭ 204 (-99.63%)
Mutual labels:  graph, chart
Simple yet flexible JavaScript charting for designers & developers

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All the links point to the new version 3 of the lib.

In case you are looking for the docs of version 2, you will have to specify the specific version in the url like this:


Instructions on building and testing Chart.js can be found in the documentation. Before submitting an issue or a pull request, please take a moment to look over the contributing guidelines first. For support, please post questions on Stack Overflow with the chartjs tag.


Chart.js is available under the MIT license.

Note that the project description data, including the texts, logos, images, and/or trademarks, for each open source project belongs to its rightful owner. If you wish to add or remove any projects, please contact us at [email protected].