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🎉 A demo for progressive web application with features like offline, push notifications, background sync etc,

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Progressive Web Application

A demo for progressive web application with features like offline, push notifications, background sync etc,



Step 1 - clone the repo

$ git clone

Step 2 - cd in the repo

$ cd demo-progressive-web-app

Step 3 - install dependencies

$ npm install

Step 4 - run application

$ npm run start

In browser, open http://localhost:3000

Main Features

  • [x] - App Shell Architecture

  • [x] - Service Worker + Navigation Preload (Origin Trial)

  • [x] - Add to Home Screen, Splash Screen, Browser Mode, Notify user if site is updated etc,

  • [x] - Offline Support

  • [x] - Online/Offline Events

  • [x] - Fetch API

  • [x] - Push Notifications

  • [x] - Background Sync

  • [x] - Web Share API

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