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React Materialui Notifications
Spec compliant notifications for react and material ui users
Redash Hands On
Redash study materials for beginners 📊
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Material Colors Native
Material Colors - A React Native App to Select Material Colors for macOS.
Unity Shader Basics Tutorial
A introduction into creating shaders for Unity
Responsive scaffold
Responsive Scaffold - On mobile it shows a list and pushes to details and on tablet it shows the List and the selected item. Maintainer: @rodydavis
Alyle Ui
Minimal Design, a set of components for Angular 9+
An Android library to create fully material designed bottom dialogs similar to the Android Pay app.
Android Bookmark
【资料汇总】Android 资源知识大全
Svelte Mui
Simple Svelte 3 UI components
Hexo Theme Fluid
🌊 一款 Material Design 风格的 Hexo 主题 / An elegant Material-Design theme for Hexo
Android Icon Fonts
Material and Holo iconic fonts.
Shaarli Material
Shaarli Material is a theme for Shaarli, the famous personal, minimalist, super-fast, database free, bookmarking service.
Subclass of UITextField that adds an animated placeholder and an optional hint label below the text.
A simple SearchView for Android based on Material Design
Aaf Easydiary
📘 A diary application optimized for user experience.
Rplibs 原型设计元件库,基于Axure RP 10/9/8,支持 Android、Apple、Windows、微信,移动、桌面平台的应用和网站原型设计。五年历程 2.6k+ star,感谢大家使用。
Shrine Materialdesign2
implementation of Material Design 2 Shrine project
Materialize Blog
redesign blog using material design
Flutter Shapeofview
Give a custom shape to any flutter widget, Material Design 2 ready
Hubuntu Ui
Material Admin Dashboard Starter UI ( Ubuntu style ) -
Android Switchicon
Google launcher-style implementation of switch (enable/disable) icon
Angular Material Design Lite
A tiny Angular wrapper for Material Design Lite
Material Singleinputform
A single EditText instead of a classical form. Library that implements flavienlaurent's singleinputform
Iconshowcase Dashboard
A full-of-features, easy-to-customize, free and open source, Material Design dashboard for icon packs.
A Material design calendar inspired by the CalendarView of School Diary.
Apple TextField created according to the Material.IO guidelines of 2019. Featured at Medium.
Ngx Material File Input
File input for Angular Material form-field
Vuetify Daterange Picker
The missing date range picker for Vuetify JS you have been looking for.
Password Strength
Angular UI library to illustrate and validate a password's strength with material design - Angular V9 supported
Flutter colorpicker
A HSV(HSB)/HSL color picker inspired by chrome devtools and a material color picker for your flutter app.
Material Shadows for android : A library for supporting convex material shadows
Jeffrey Way Theme
Jeffrey Way's theme on Laracasts. Example:
Preact Mdl
💥 A collection of Preact Components that encapsulate Google's Material Design Lite.
React Mdc Web
Material Design Components for React
Polybar Collection
Beautiful collection of Polybar themes
React Native Paper Dates
Smooth and fast cross platform Material Design date and time picker for React Native Paper
This is the repo for FicSave, an open-source online fanfiction downloader.
Ngx Daterangepicker Material
Pure Angular 2+ date range picker with material design theme, a demo here:
Customizable rimlight shader for Unity that includes pulsation and noise scrolling. Give your scenes that extra oomph!
A beautiful app designed with Material Design 2 using Android X.
Material Design Search Bar for Android
Material Components Flutter Codelabs
Codelabs for Material Components for Flutter (MDC-Flutter)
Library provides easy to implement variation of Android (Material Design) Floating Action Button for iOS. You can use it as your app small side menu. 🌶
Mui Datatables
Datatables for React using Material-UI -
Django Material Admin
Material design for django administration
Android - Expansion panels contain creation flows and allow lightweight editing of an element.
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