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Progressive Web Apps logo. Feel free to use it! #PWALogo
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Nuxt Wordpress Pwa
Wordpress + Vue + Nuxt.js
Ng Pokedex
🐡 Pokedex progressive web app built with Angular
Hnpwa Vanilla
Hacker News PWA implemented using no framework just javascript
shiny API for Framework7 (IOS/android)
A library of dependency-free JavaScript functions that do just do one thing.
Angular11 App
Angular 11 ,Bootstrap 5, Node.js, Express.js, CRUD REST API, PWA, SSR, SEO, Angular Universal, Lazy Loading, PostgreSQL, MYSQL
Uber Mobile Web
This is an attempt to mock the new uber app into mobile web to learn how react can be used to optimize for mobile web.
Productivity Frontend
Productivity Application - Kanban Style Productivity Management Application with Customizable Boards, Lists and Cards to Make You More Productive.
React Firebase Admin
React βš›οΈ starter kit with Firebase πŸ”₯ and Bulma for setting up an admin dashboard - Highly scalable, PWA, Serverless
Web game, hybrid of Mastermind and the Android pattern lock
Reactive Resume
A one-of-a-kind resume builder that keeps your privacy in mind. Completely secure, customizable, portable, open-source and free forever. Try it out today!
Vite Plugin Pwa
Zero-config PWA for Vite
React Pwa
An upgradable boilerplate for Progressive web applications (PWA) with server side rendering, build with SEO in mind and achieving max page speed and optimized user experience.
Angularfire2 Offline
πŸ”Œ A simple wrapper for AngularFire2 to read and write to Firebase while offline, even after a complete refresh.
Buefy Shop
A sample shop built with Nuxt, Stripe, Firebase and Serverless Functions
Sample Pie Shop
Example e-commerce site to explore PWA (Progressive Web App) use cases.
Lofimusic is an installable Progressive web app (PWA) that lists and displays famous YouTube Lo-Fi radios.
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🏁🌐 Frontend Svelte PWA starter for SaaS startups
Run Lighthouse in CI, as a web service, using Docker. Pass/Fail GH pull requests.
Pokedex Angular App
For The Love Of Pokemon.
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Os Fileup
Helper app to understand how to upload files and do basic image/video processing in hybrid android apps.
An offline-first, secure, private notepad. πŸ“” ✏️
Pwa Qr Code Scanner
Lightweight progressive web app for scanning QR codes offline
Phaser Project Template
πŸ•ΉοΈ Phaser 3 - Starter Template with TypeScript and webpack.
Gatsby Starter Morning Dew
πŸš€ A Gatsby theme/starter to build lightning-fast blog/websites
Jekyll Webpack Boilerplate
⚑️ A boilerplate with Jekyll and Webpack to make the most performant static websites
Shopware Pwa
Shopware PWA for eCommerce. Headless storefront solution for Shopware 6, which communicates through the SalesChannel-API. Always Open Source, MIT license. Made with πŸ’™ by shopware AG & Vue Storefront.
React Native Turbolinks
React Native adapter for building hybrid apps with Turbolinks 5
Gatsby Theme Storefront Shopify
Create a Shopify store with Gatsby JS πŸ›οΈ πŸ›’
CLI tool to generate all the icons and splashscreens for your Quasar Apps
MagicPad is an encryption suite for beginners. It is designed to be run standalone via the browser or executable (Electron).
Web Push Php Example
An example for sending Web Push notifications, using web-push-php
Progressive web app using geolocation and device orientation in React with Redux
Cezerin is React and Node.js based eCommerce platform.
Template React Ssr
Server-side rendering template using express and react 16
Offline-first notepad PWA
Learning Pwa
πŸ“±some samples and blogs about how to start with your first PWA
Awesome Vue Cli3 Example
πŸ¦… Awesome example for rapid Vue.js development using vue-cli3 .
Vuetify Todo Pwa
βœ”οΈ A simple Todo PWA built with Vue CLI 3 + Vuex + Vuetify.
Happy Plants
🌡 Web application to manage plants
Gwt Polymer Elements
Polymer Web Components for GWT. A collection of Material Design widgets for desktop and mobile.
Graphql Genie
Simply pass in your GraphQL type defintions and get a fully featured GraphQL API with referential integrity, inverse updates, subscriptions and role based access control that can be used client side or server side.
The free and open-source progressive weather app
Woz is a progressive WebAssembly app (PWAA) generator for Rust.
Angular Pwa Course
Angular PWA Course - Build Progressive Web Applications
Ember Web App
NOTICE: official repository moved to
Phaser Project Template Es6
Phaser 3 - Starter Template with ES6 (ESNext features included) and webpack.
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