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Licence: apache-2.0
🍱 Highly Configurable Terminal Dashboard for Developers and Creators

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DevDash is a highly configurable terminal dashboard for developers and creators who want to choose and display the most up-to-date metrics they need, at one place.

google analytics example DevDash configuration

Why using DevDash?

  • Pull the data and display it in cool diagrams (or widgets) using YAML / JSON config, from:
    • Your own computer. From your own scripts / command lines too!
    • A remote computer via SSH
    • Github
    • Travis
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Search Console
    • Feedly
  • A lot flexibility compared to other terminal dashboards:
    • Choose the widgets you want.
    • Place your widgets where you want.
    • Choose the data you want to display, the colors you want to use, and a lot of other things for each widget.
    • Don't want to personalize everything? Don't overwrite the defaults, then.
  • Unlimited amount of different dashboards with different configurations.
  • Data refreshed automatically via time ticks, or via a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + r by default).



You can simply grab the latest released binary file and download the version you need, depending on your OS.

Linux script

Here's a simple way to download DevDash and move it in /usr/local/bin, in order to be able to use DevDash everywhere easily.

curl -LO && \
sh ./ && \

Manual installation

You need to clone this repository and build the binary: go build devdash.go.

How Does It Work?

In a nutshell:

  • If you run DevDash without giving a dashboard configuration, it will create and display a default dashboard (default.yml) located in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/devdash or $HOME/.config/devdash.
  • To get used to dashboard' configurations, there are many examples here. They can help you getting started.
  • To run a dashboard created in the two filepaths mentioned above, you just need to execute dashboard -c my-super-dashboard, if your configuration file is called my-super-dashboard.yml. You can use JSON as well!
  • You can as well run any dashboard from anywhere if you give an absolute or relative path.
  • I'm thriving to make DevDash easier to configure, yet very flexible and customizable. The next updates will go in that direction.


The complete DevDash documentation is here..

You'll find:


Thanks to MariaLetta for the awesome and beautiful Gopher pack! I used it for my logo on top.

DevDash was inspired from other open source projects:

Bugs and Ideas

I would be happy to read about new ideas and to fix bugs. Opening an issue is the way to go.


First of all, thanks a lot if you want to contribute to DevDash!

If you want to implement a new feature, let's speak about it first and decide if it fits DevDash scope.

Making Of

For anybody interested how I managed to develop DevDash on side of a full time job, and how I organized my time and kept my motivation, I wrote an article about that on my blog.


Apache Licence 2.0


google analytics example DevDash configuration

google analytics example DevDash configuration

github example DevDash configuration

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