Top 3201 golang open source projects

1. Converge
A powerful and easy-to-use configuration management system.
2. Go Readability
Go package that cleans a HTML page for better readability.
4. Gengen
A Go source transformation tool for generics
5. Php Fpm exporter
A prometheus exporter for PHP-FPM.
6. Fake Useragent
A wide variety of random useragents
7. Gobasic
A BASIC interpreter written in golang.
9. Gaia
Cosmos Hub
10. Gowebexamples
Go Web Examples Generator
11. Provision
Digital Rebar Provision is a simple and powerful Golang executable that provides a complete API-driven DHCP/PXE/TFTP provisioning system.
12. C4go
Transpiling C code to Go code
13. Cbor
CBOR RFC 7049 (Go/Golang) - safe & fast with standard API + toarray & keyasint, CBOR tags, float64/32/16, fuzz tested.
14. Jade
Jade.go - pug template engine for Go (golang)
15. Hand To Hand Optimize Go
a simple tutorial for optimizing go program by some useful tools
16. Prometheus Msteams
Forward Prometheus Alert Manager notifications to Microsoft Teams.
17. Xsshell
An XSS reverse shell framework
18. Config
12 factor configuration as a typesafe struct in as little as two function calls
19. Pulsar Client Go
Apache Pulsar Go Client Library
21. Osquery Go
Go bindings for osquery
22. Spotitube
Synchronize your Spotify collections downloading from external providers
23. Go Env
a golang library to manage environment variables
24. Go Grpc Http Rest Microservice Tutorial
Source code for tutorial "How to develop Go gRPC microservice with HTTP/REST endpoint, middleware, Kubernetes deployment, etc."
25. Goshimmer
GoShimmer implementation of Coordicide
26. Heroes Service
Short tutorial to build a blockchain application in Go with Hyperledger Fabric
27. Mikrotik Exporter
prometheus mikrotik device(s) exporter
28. Nvdtools
A set of tools to work with the feeds (vulnerabilities, CPE dictionary etc.) distributed by National Vulnerability Database (NVD)
29. Thdwb
🌭 The hotdog web browser and browser engine 🌭
30. Orderedmap
🔃 An ordered map in Go with amortized O(1) for Set, Get, Delete and Len.
31. Stateless
Go library for creating state machines
32. Tickgit
Manage your repository's TODOs, tickets and checklists as config in your codebase.
34. Oauth
A library for performing OAuth Device flow and Web application flow in Go client apps.
35. Clevergo
👅 CleverGo is a lightweight, feature rich and high performance HTTP router for Go.
36. Enmime
MIME mail encoding and decoding package for Go
37. Awesome crawl
38. Adguarddns
Public DNS resolver that protects you from ad trackers
39. Kubectl Warp
Kubernetes CLI plugin for syncing and executing local files in Pod on Kubernetes
40. Jenkins Cli
Jenkins CLI allows you manage your Jenkins as an easy way
41. Gonelist
Golang Onedrive List - 极易部署的 Onedrive List 服务
42. Go Alexa
A collection of Amazon Echo / Alexa tools for Go development.
43. Reef Pi
An opensource reef tank controller based on Raspberry Pi
44. Mailyak
An elegant MIME/SMTP email library with support for attachments
45. Sysinfo
Sysinfo is a Go library providing Linux OS / kernel / hardware system information.
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46. Go Runtime Metrics
Collect golang runtime metrics, pushing to InfluxDB or pulling with Telegraf
47. Cgofuse
Cross-platform FUSE library for Go - Works on Windows, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD
48. Unitysocketprotobuf3demo
49. Cloud Code Samples
Code templates to make working with Kubernetes feel like editing and debugging local code.
50. Authy
Go library and program to access your Authy TOTP secrets.
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