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CAT 作为服务端项目基础组件,提供了 Java, C/C++, Node.js, Python, Go 等多语言客户端,已经在美团点评的基础架构中间件框架(MVC框架,RPC框架,数据库框架,缓存框架等,消息队列,配置系统等)深度集成,为美团点评各业务线提供系统丰富的性能指标、健康状况、实时告警等。
Prometheus rabbitmq exporter exporter as a RabbitMQ Managment Plugin plugin
📆 Browser extension: counts lines of code on GitHub
VQMT: Video Quality Measurement Tool. Fast implementations of the following objective image quality metrics: PSNR, SSIM, MS-SSIM, VIFp, PSNR-HVS and PSNR-HVS-M.
✭ 241
Distributed tracing and monitor SDK in Go for Apache SkyWalking APM
Measures and metrics for image2image tasks. PyTorch.
📊 An infographics generator with 30+ plugins and 200+ options to display stats about your GitHub account and render them as SVG, Markdown, PDF or JSON!
Fast and reliable Elixir client for StatsD-compatible servers
Warp10 Platform
The Most Advanced Time Series Platform
Hawkular Metrics
Time Series Metrics Engine based on Cassandra
Mackerel Agent Plugins
Plugins for mackerel-agent
Graphite exporter
Server that accepts metrics via the Graphite protocol and exports them as Prometheus metrics
A full featured Generic SNMP data collector with Web Administration Interface for InfluxDB
Docker Traefik Prometheus
A Docker Swarm Stack for monitoring Traefik with Promethues and Grafana
Prometheus Net.dotnetruntime
Exposes .NET core runtime metrics (GC, JIT, lock contention, thread pool) using the prometheus-net package
JavaMelody : monitoring of JavaEE applications
Aliyun Exporter
Prometheus exporter for Alibaba Cloud Monitor
Kenshin: A time-series database alternative to Graphite Whisper with 40x improvement in IOPS
Sematext Agent Docker
Sematext Docker Agent - host + container metrics, logs & event collector
Library for using Grafana' structures in Go programs and client for Grafana REST API.
Icingaweb2 Module Grafana
Grafana module for Icinga Web 2 (supports InfluxDB & Graphite)
Utility for analyzing graphite metrics. Experimental package.
Code metrics for Java code by means of static analysis
Bigquery Grafana
Google BigQuery Datasource Plugin for Grafana.
tobs - The Observability Stack for Kubernetes. Easy install of a full observability stack into a k8s cluster with a CLI tool or Helm charts.
Simple performance framework for java
Tf metrics
Multi-class metrics for Tensorflow
pganalyze statistics collector for gathering PostgreSQL metrics and log data
Intrinsic Image Popularity
The pytorch code of the paper "Intrinsic Image Popularity Assessment"
Client python
Prometheus instrumentation library for Python applications
Beautiful and understandable static analysis tool for PHP
Machine learning metrics for distributed, scalable PyTorch applications.
Apache exporter
Prometheus exporter for Apache.
Express Prom Bundle
express middleware with standard prometheus metrics in one bundle
Ostent is a server tool to collect, display and report system metrics.
Node Statsd Client
Node.js client for statsd
Metrics Query Engine
Query Exporter
Export Prometheus metrics from SQL queries
Java Code Static Metrics (Cohesion, Coupling, etc.)
Rouge 2.0
ROUGE automatic summarization evaluation toolkit. Support for ROUGE-[N, L, S, SU], stemming and stopwords in different languages, unicode text evaluation, CSV output.
mean Average Precision - This code evaluates the performance of your neural net for object recognition.
Hastic Grafana App
Hastic data management server for labeling patterns and anomalies in Grafana
Implementation-agnostic metrics for assessing open source community health. Maintained by the CHAOSS Metrics Committee.
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Go package for abstracting stats collection
Github Monitoring
Monitor your GitHub Repos with Docker & Prometheus
Stackdriver exporter
Google Stackdriver Prometheus exporter
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