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Official, Main: This is Core/Advance java example series project. It help to learn java step by step using pdf tutorial provided here and corresponding demo project for the eclipse. Tag: Java Student, Java Stud, Stud Java, StudJava, Java Teachers, Studs Quick Start Guide, Studs Java, Object Oriented Programming, Core Java, Java SE, Java EE, Java Enterprise Edition, Java Blog, Java Articles, Java Web, JSP, Servlet, Maven, Spring, Hibernate, Spring-boot, Spring MVC Web, Angular JS, Angular 2, Java Security, Java CRUD, Java Login Example, File Handling, Multi threading, exception handling, Collection classes, Swing, Database, Date Time, Joda Time, JPA.

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This is java tutorial example series. Java Tutorial( for more java resource, I have strated new website , will release latest updates, videos soon.

3.Exception Handling,Inner Class, Date Time, Joda time, Reflection:
4.Multithreading, IO, Serialization:
5.Collections, Java Generics:
7. Swing    (Project here..)
8. Java EE/Servlet   /  JSP   〰️Web Project(Jsp/Servlet)
10. Maven
11. Hibernate    (Hibernate Project Here...)
11. Spring AOP Dependency Injection Project..
12. Spring Web:    (Spring Web Mvc/Hibernate Project...)    Spring boot version: springmvcweb-boot

Some Extra course along with Spring MVC WEB!

12.1 Angular JS APP
12.2 [Design Pattern]

Factory Pattern
Singleton Pattern
MVC Pattern
Builder Pattern
Decorator Pattern

12.3 [Java - 8]

Lambda Expressions
Default methods
Functional interfaces
Date-Time Package

12.4 [JUnit]

Execution order

☕️ NEXT ⏩ Industrial Java Development With Advance Web(Training) ☕️

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Assignment 1:
1. Write a program to find sum and average of N number using command line argument.
2. Write a program to find sum and average of N number input by User(using Scanner class).
3. Write a program to Demonstrate type casting of all type of data type in java.
4. Write a program to Demonstrate boxing/un-boxing of all types of data type in java.
5. Write a program to test prime number.
6. Write a program to calculate Simple Interest input by user. Simple Intrest = P*T*R/100
7. Write a program to display following string in the console:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en-US">
<script src=""></script>

<div ng-app="">
 	<p>Name : <input type="text" ng-model="name"></p>
 	<h1>Hello '{{name}}'</h1>

Assignment 2: Src:
1.Write a program with different methods to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius andCelsius to Fahrenheit.
2.Write a program to take input from the user and calculate sales-tax.
3.Write a program to take input from the user and calculate interest rate (10%) for giving loan.
4.Write a program that reads in the radius and length of a cylinder and computesvolume.
5.Write a program that converts pounds into kg. The program prompts the user toenter a number of pounds, converts it to kg and displays the result [ 1 pound is0.454 kg].
6.Write a program that reads an integer 0 to 1000 and adds all the digits in integer.[For example: 911 (input) -> 11 (result)].
7.Write a program that converts lowercase letter to uppercase letter. [hint: int offset= ‘a’ – ‘A’; char uppercase = (char) (lowercase-offse) ]
8.Write a program that receives an ASCII code (int between 0 – 128) and display itscharacter [example : 97 (input) -> A(output)].
9.Write a program that reads following information -> Employee’s name, number of hours worked in week, hourly pay rate, tax (20%) with-holding from user and prints a payroll statement with employee’s details.
10.Write a program that reads in investment amount, annual interest rate and number of years. Display the future investment value of the person.
11.Write a program that calculates the energy needed to heat water from an initialtemperature to final temperature. Your program should prompt the user to enter the amount of water in kg and initial and final temperature of water.
12.Write a program that displays the following table (5 IN ROW):

a b pow(a,b)     a b pow(a,b)
1 2 1            6 7   ______ 
2 3 8            7 8   ______
3 4 81           8 9   ______ 
4 5              9 10  ______
5 6              10 11 ______

13.Write a program to calculate leap year.
14.Write a program that reads an integer and checks whether it is even, odd or primenumber, print the same as output.
15.Write a program which sorts given numbers, which is provided by user.
16.Write a program to display multiplication table for the given number by user.
17.Write a program to calculate GCD and LCM of the given input from user indifferent methods. 
18.Write a program that prompts the user to enter the number of students and eachstudent’s name and score. Finally display the student with highest score.
19.Write a program that displays all number from 100 to 1000, ten per line that aredivisible by 5 and 6.
20.Use a while loop to find the smallest integer ‘n’ such that n square (n2) is greater than 12000.
21.Write a program that display all leap years, ten per line, in the twenty first centure(2001 to 2100).
22.Write a program that prompts the user to enter a decimal integer and display itscorresponding binary value. Use built-in class and without built-in class.
23.Write a program to display an integer in reverse order [ example : 1345 (input) ->5431 (output)].
24.Write a program that prompts the user to enter a decimal integer and display itscorresponding hexadecimal value.
25.Write a program to find if the given input is palindrome or not. Also includedifferent method to see if number is prime or not.
26.Write a program which reads the score, then finds best score and finally assignsgrades to the students and prints the students details in order. (use array)
27. Write a program to count number letters in given array, with built-in function andwithout built-in functions.
28.Write a program which prompts for set of elements and search given key element.
29.Write a program to sort given array elements using insertion sort.
30.Write a program that reads eleven number from user, computes their average, andfinds out how many numbers are below average and displays duplicate numbers.
31.Write two overloaded methods that return the average of an array with followingheaders: public static int averate(int[] array); and public static doubleaverage(double[] array).
32.Write a program which reads two matrices (2 D) and adds two matrices anddisplays the output on screen.
33.Write a program with different methods to do these array operations -> sort anarray and search an element inside it, determine the upper bound of 2D array.
34.Write a program with different methods to do these array operations -> sort anarray and insert an element inside it, determine the upper bound of 2D array.
35.Write a program with different methods to do these array operations -> reverse anarray, search mini and the maxi element in an array.
36.Write a program with different methods to do these array operations -> comparetwo arrays and display if it is equal or not.
37.Write a program to use methods for calculating Fibonacci series using recursion.
38.Write a program to use recursion for calculating factorial of a number.
39.Write a program to demonstrate various arithmetic and assignment operations,right shift and left shift.
40.Write a program to accept string in command line and print the same, also counthow many characters are in the given string.
41.Write a program to demonstrate various relational and logical operations.
42.Write a program using different methods to demonstrate conditional operator anddo type conversions from -> double to float, short to int, double to int, chat to int,int to short.
43.Write a program using different methods with different control flow controls (for,switch, while) to check whether an alphabet is a vowel or not.
44. Write an exception which catches if the value is very small(eg:<.01)
45. WAP which catches different exceptions 1.divide by 0, 2.Array boundindex error 3.Wrong datatype.
46. WAP to catch wrong input frm command line argument.
47. A simple applet to display a msg:HELLO WORLD on applet window.
48. Do d above pgm by passing parameters and align d msg.
49. Your own exception -> if number is two small, (declare variables as float, do anyarithmetic operationsif the output is less than 0.01 then call and exception).
50. Write a java program which catches exception for divide by zero and array indexerror and wrong data type.
51. Write a java program to catch wrong input from command line, ( declare int variable but input of different type).
52. Display "Hello World " on applet window53. Pass parameters and display string on applet screen.
54.Align the output "Helloworld" to rightmost corner, below, middle, leftmost corner,anywhere on the applet screen.
55. Write a program to calculate the value of X= sin x+cosx+tanx using multiple threads.
56. Define a thread using thread class to generate the factorials of first 20 naturalnumbers. create an instance for this thread and then activate it.
57. Write a program to generate the square roots of the first 30 natural numbers usingRunnable Interface.
58. Define a thread to display the odd numbered element in an array of size 50.define another thread to display even numbered element in another array of size 50.Create instances of the above threads and run them.
59. Write a program that executes three threads. first thread displays Good morning everyone second.second thread displays hello every two seconds and the third thread displays welcome inevery three seconds.create the three threads by extending the thread class.

Java soft installation

32 bit/64 bit:
1. Install JDK 1.8
2. Install 7zip software
3. spring-tool-suite:
	>create C:\java-ws folder
	> copy zip file "spring-tool-suite-3.8.1" into C:\java-ws folder
	> extract it there using 7zip
	To run spring-tool-suite:
	> go to sts-bundle>sts-3.8.1.RELEASE>STS.exe
	> it will promt select workspace dialog?
	  #give path of your workspace: C:\java-ws
	  #tick checkbox (default)

Install Maven in Mac/Linux:

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Alternatively, I recommend installing Homebrew for these kinds of utilities.

Then you just install Maven using: brew install maven
PS: If you got a 404 error, try doing a brew update just before

Install Maven in Linux Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install maven

How to install lombok in mac:

Rename the file "STS.EXE" to "sts.exe" under ../sts-bundle/ 
And then run java -jar lomobok.jar and select the STS.ini file under ../sts-bundle/

[Assignments: ] (
Some good Links:
[Designing Patterens for Human] ( [Java Exercism] ( [How to Conduct Good Programming Interview] (

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