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「Java学习+面试指南」一份涵盖大部分 Java 程序员所需要掌握的核心知识。准备 Java 面试,首选 JavaGuide!
Spring Framework Petclinic
A Spring Framework application based on JSP, Spring MVC, Spring Data JPA, Hibernate and JDBC
Flubber is an elegant solution for making animations in Android. The library is developed and maintained by Appolica.
A simple and efficient open-source security framework that focus on protection of restful api.
Bus 是一个基础框架、服务套件,它基于Java8编写,参考、借鉴了大量已有框架、组件的设计,可以作为后端服务的开发基础中间件。代码简洁,架构清晰,非常适合学习使用。
Awesome Spring Cloud
Spring Cloud 优质资源一网打尽
一个基于Spring MVC、Spring、MyBatis、Shiro框架的仓库管理系统Demo。A warehouse management system implement with Spring MVC, Spring Framework,MyBstis,Shiro and MySQL
Ax Boot Framework
Full Stack Java Web Application Framework with Java & HTML5
Istio By Example Java
A collection of examples of using Istio with Java applications.
SSM 框架搭建的网上游戏商城(仿Steam)
My Review
主要存放平时理论学习,比如java jdk源码分析、并发理论;面试、数据库、Linux、中间件、分布式、网络协议等方向
Spring Cloud Kubernetes
Kubernetes integration with Spring Cloud Discovery Client, Configuration, etc...
Mongodb Plugin
MongoDB Plugin for Java
Java Microservice
A full microservice project using Spring and many others tools
AXAnimationChain is a chain animation library, can be used to easily create CAAnimation based chain animation. There are two kinds of combination chain, one is called combination, the other is called link, created by the two ways above, the animation can be carried out at the same time, can also according to the time order, you can use the code to create a rich and complex animation.
Spring Boot Testing Strategies
Sample project demonstrating different Test Strategies that can be followed when using Spring Boot.
QuickPerf is a testing library for Java to quickly evaluate and improve some performance-related properties
Mastering Junit5
A comprehensive collection of test examples created with JUnit 5
📖 基于 SSM 框架的二手书交易系统
Enterprise open source portal built by and for the higher education community.
Stormpath Sdk Java
Official Java SDK for the Stormpath User Management REST API
Official, Main: This is Core/Advance java example series project. It help to learn java step by step using pdf tutorial provided here and corresponding demo project for the eclipse. Tag: Java Student, Java Stud, Stud Java, StudJava, Java Teachers, Studs Quick Start Guide, Studs Java, Object Oriented Programming, Core Java, Java SE, Java EE, Java Enterprise Edition, Java Blog, Java Articles, Java Web, JSP, Servlet, Maven, Spring, Hibernate, Spring-boot, Spring MVC Web, Angular JS, Angular 2, Java Security, Java CRUD, Java Login Example, File Handling, Multi threading, exception handling, Collection classes, Swing, Database, Date Time, Joda Time, JPA.
Spring Hateoas Examples
Collection of examples on how (and why) to build hypermedia-driven apps with Spring HATEOAS
Java分布式开发平台:Spring, Spring MVC, MyBatis, Dubbo, Redis, Shiro权限管理, Quartz分布式调度, RocketMQ通信, 本地缓存, Redis缓存, 分布式缓存, 分布式事务
Spring Cloud Circuitbreaker
Spring Cloud Circuit Breaker API and Implementations
Sample projects for my talk "Refactoring to a System of Systems"
Errors Spring Boot Starter
Elegant Error Handling for Spring Boot
Spring Reddit Clone
Reddit clone built using Spring Boot, Spring Security with JPA Authentication, Spring Data JPA with MySQL, Spring MVC. The frontend is built using Angular - You can find the frontend source code here -
Spring + Spring MVC + Mybatis 构建的简易论坛
Spring Boot Postgresql Jpa Hibernate Rest Api Demo
Building RESTful APIs with Spring Boot, PostgreSQL, JPA and Hibernate
Mini Rpc
Spring + Netty + Protostuff + ZooKeeper 实现了一个轻量级 RPC 框架,使用 Spring 提供依赖注入与参数配置,使用 Netty 实现 NIO 方式的数据传输,使用 Protostuff 实现对象序列化,使用 ZooKeeper 实现服务注册与发现。使用该框架,可将服务部署到分布式环境中的任意节点上,客户端通过远程接口来调用服务端的具体实现,让服务端与客户端的开发完全分离,为实现大规模分布式应用提供了基础支持
Modern Java Tutorials
Tutorials and code examples posted on
Sample Zuul Filters
Samples of custom Zuul 1 filters for use in Spring Cloud Netflix
Dhis2 Core
DHIS2 Core. Written in Java. Contains the service layer and Web API.
Encrypt Body Spring Boot Starter
(停止维护,替代品搜索: )SpringBoot控制器统一的响应体加密与请求体解密的注解处理方式,支持MD5/SHA/AES/DES/RSA
Awesome Spring Boot
springboot 各种资料整理(demo、教程、网站、starter文档等),持续更新,欢迎pr。
Shopping Mmall
Event Driven Spring Boot
Example Application to demo various flavours of handling domain events in Spring Boot
This is a project of a library, driven by real business requirements. We use techniques strongly connected with Domain Driven Design, Behavior-Driven Development, Event Storming, User Story Mapping.
Resteasy Spring Boot
RESTEasy Spring Boot Starter
这是一个J2EE学生宿舍管理系统, 能完成学生班级楼栋宿舍等的基本管理, 能够智能批量地分配和腾空宿舍, 能够统计打印学生和宿舍入住名单
Awesome Spring
A curated list of awesome books, tutorials, courses, and resources for the Spring framework ecosystem.
🔱一个简洁漂亮的java blog 👉基于Spring /MVC+ Hibernate + MySQL + Bootstrap + freemarker. 实现 🌈
Jpa Hibernate Tutorials
Hibernate Tutorials with Spring Boot and Spring-Data-JPA
Simple Spring Memcached
A drop-in library to enable memcached caching in Spring beans via annotations
Blog Sample
Yun Blog sample code
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