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Free Programming Books Zh cn
📚 免费的计算机编程类中文书籍,欢迎投稿
JavaScript data grid with a spreadsheet look & feel. Works with React, Angular, and Vue. Supported by the Handsontable team ⚡
Angular Google Maps Directives
Ngx Editor
🖋️ Rich Text Editor for angular using ProseMirror
Angular Architecture
Angular architecture guide for teams.
✭ 251
Ngx Mapbox Gl
Angular binding of mapbox-gl-js
Ng Vdom
(Developer Preview) A virtual-DOM extension for Angular, also work as React bridge.
A universal clipboard managing app that makes it easy to access your clipboard from anywhere on any device.
Ng Pokedex
🐵 Pokedex progressive web app built with Angular
Ionic Mosum
Download Latest Ionic v3 Weather App ->
Firebaseui Angular
A wrapper for FirebaseUI in Angular
Angular Checklist
🔥 Curated list of common mistakes made when developing Angular applications
Rex Tils
Type safe utils for redux actions, epics, effects, react/preact default props, various type guards and TypeScript utils, React util components
21 Points
❤️ 21-Points Health is an app you can use to monitor your health.
Ng Device Detector
Angular module to detect OS / Browser / Device
Angular Ui Tree
A tree component for AngularJS, without jQuery as dependency.
Shallow Render
Angular testing made easy with shallow rendering and easy mocking.
Angular Model - Simple state management with minimalist API, one way data flow, multiple model support and immutable data exposed as RxJS Observable.
💅 The formatter for the modern web
Ng2 Idle
Responding to idle users in Angular (not AngularJS) applications.
web spider built by puppeteer, support task-queue and task-scheduling by decorators,support nedb / mongodb, support data visualization; 基于puppeteer的web爬虫框架,提供灵活的任务队列管理调度方案,提供便捷的数据保存方案(nedb/mongodb),提供数据可视化和用户交互的实现方案
The browser extension vault (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Safari, & more).
Alyle Ui
Minimal Design, a set of components for Angular 9+
Angular11 App
Angular 11 ,Bootstrap 5, Node.js, Express.js, CRUD REST API, PWA, SSR, SEO, Angular Universal, Lazy Loading, PostgreSQL, MYSQL
Pusher Angular
Pusher Angular Library | [email protected]
Ng Drag Drop
Drag & Drop for Angular - based on HTML5 with no external dependencies. 🎉
Awesome Js Posts
A curated list of latest posts, blogs and repositories related to JavaScript.
The desktop vault (Windows, macOS, & Linux).
Auto Complete for Angularjs applications with a lot to complete
Ng2 Image Upload
Angular 2 component for image uploading
Convert JSON to TypeScript with secure type checking!
Ionic Wordpress Integration
Ionic Wordpress starter app 😎. Learn how to communicate your ionic app with Wordpress REST API with this starter and detailed tutorial.
Angular Validation Match
Checks if one input matches another. Useful for confirming passwords, emails, or anything.
Angular, Vue, React, Web Components, Blazor, Javascript, jQuery and ASP .NET Framework,
A web framework for building highly usable healthcare applications.
Auth0 Angular Samples
Auth0 Integration Samples for Angular 2+ Applications
🎧 Convert Anything to a Spotify Playlist!
iceScrum is a web application for using Scrum while keeping the spirit of a collaborative workspace. It also offers virtual boards with post-its for sprint backlog, product backlog and others.
A microservice development architecture based on nest.js. —— 基于 Nest.js 的微服务开发架构。
Angular2 Jwt
Helper library for handling JWTs in Angular 2+ apps
Blockly Samples
Plugins, codelabs, and examples related to the Blockly library.
Angular Component Router - A declarative router for Angular applications
Ngx Tour
Product Tour Built in Angular
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