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🌳 [email protected], Styled-jsx, TypeScript, Jest, SEO

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Next.js TypeScript Starter Kit CircleCI


see ChangeLog


  • TypeScript
  • Styled-jsx
  • Module css (PostCSS - cssnext, nested, import)
  • SEO & analytics(Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Naver Analytics)
  • Storybook (support module css)
  • Jest & Enzyme (support module css)

Load from CDN


git clone my-project
cd my-project
rm -r .git

Run 🚀

🚀 Test

yarn test # test
yarn test:watch
yarn test:coverage # report coverage
~~🚀 StoryBook~~

🚀 StoryBook

yarn storybook # open browser localhost:6006
yarn build-storybook # Build storybook static assets

🚀 Development

yarn start:dev # run

🚀 Production


yarn build # create .next directory
yarn start # start server

Build static HTML

yarn build # create .next directory
yarn export # create .out directory


Set SEO & analytics variables


export const GA_TRACKING_ID = ''
export const FB_TRACKING_ID = ''
export const SENTRY_TRACKING_ID = ''

// for meta tag <og & twitter>
export const SITE_NAME = ''
export const SITE_TITLE = ''
export const SITE_DESCRIPTION = ''
export const SITE_IMAGE = ''

If each variable evaluated false, it does not load related library


Module CSS (src/components/Home.tsx)

import * as classnames from 'classnames'
import * as css from './Home.css'

export const Just = props => <div className={css.className}>
export const Mixed = props => <div className={classnames('row', 'home', css.home)}>


Global scope (src/components/Layout.tsx)

const Layout = props =>
    <style jsx global>{`
      div > * {
        font-size: 32px;

Local scope (src/components/Home.tsx)

export const Home = props =>
    <style jsx>{`{
      color: darkred;



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