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Frontend Webpack Boilerplate
Simple starter webpack 5 project template supporting SASS/PostCSS, Babel ES7, browser syncing, code linting. Easy project setup having multiple features and developer friendly tools.
Reset Css
An unmodified* copy of Eric Meyer's CSS reset. PostCSS, webpack, Sass, and Less friendly.
Get the power of PostCSS with plugins in your JSS styles. 🎨 Just put CSS into JS and get it as JSS object.
Native HTML Elements with CSS superpowers. 🕶
Modular Css
A streamlined reinterpretation of CSS Modules via CLI, API, Browserify, Rollup, Webpack, or PostCSS
A lightweight, progressive, high-IQ CSS framework.
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Next Starter Tailwind
Next.js starter styled with Tailwind CSS
Svelte Boilerplate
Svelte application boilerplate with Webpack, Babel, PostCSS, Sass, Fetch, Jest, .Env, EsLint.
A lightweight, scalable, mobile-first CSS framework
React Native Css Modules
Style React Native components using CSS, PostCSS, Sass, Less or Stylus.
Jamstack Web Starter
Static website workflow utilising Eleventy, Tailwind CSS, Webpack and PostCSS.
Css Declaration Sorter
Sort CSS declarations fast and automatically in a certain order.
Polymer Skeleton
💀 Skeleton for Polymer 3 app with Webpack, PostCSS and Service Workers ready.
Xity Starter
A blog-ready 11ty starter based on PostCSS, with RSS feed and Native Elements!
stylefmt is a tool that automatically formats stylesheets.
Front End Tooling Recipes
Collection of pre-configured front-end tooling setups for common uses.
Gatsby Starter Hello Friend
Pretty basic starter for Gatsby that covers all of the essentials. All you have to do is start typing!
Postcss Spiffing
PostCSS plugin to use British English
Universal Development Environment
A little bag of CSS superpowers, built on PostCSS
A minimal 11ty starting point for building static websites with modern tools.
Webpack Encore
A simple but powerful API for processing & compiling assets built around Webpack
Universal React+GraphQL starter kit: React 16, Apollo 2, MobX, Emotion, Webpack 4, GraphQL Code Generator, React Router 4, PostCSS, SSR
Postcss Apply
PostCSS plugin enabling custom properties sets references
Postcss Ant
Size-getting function masquerading as a grid system.
Postcss Rtl
PostCSS plugin for RTL-adaptivity
Postcss Viewport Height Correction
PostCSS plugin to solve the popular problem when 100vh doesn’t fit the mobile browser screen.
A future-facing CSS preprocessor (used by SUIT CSS)
Postcss Px To Viewport
A plugin for PostCSS that generates viewport units (vw, vh, vmin, vmax) from pixel units. The best choice to create a scalable interface on different displays by one design size.
A barebones boilerplate for getting started on a bespoke front end.
Quick starter for Jekyll including full setup for Sass, PostCSS, Autoprefixer, stylelint, Webpack, ESLint, imagemin, Browsersync, etc.
Syntax highlighter based on PostCSS.
Postcss Aspect Ratio Mini
A PostCSS plugin to fix an element's dimensions to an aspect ratio
Container Query
A PostCSS plugin and Javascript runtime combination, which allows you to write container queries in your CSS the same way you would write media queries.
React Typescript Webpack2 Cssmodules Postcss
Simple Starter Template for React, TypeScript, postCSS, ITCSS, CSS-Modules, Webpack and Live Reloading (React Hot Loader 3)
Rollup Plugin Styles
🎨 Universal Rollup plugin for styles: PostCSS, Sass, Less, Stylus and more.
Webpack4 Cli
🌈 Webpack4 + Vue/React + TS (SPA or MPA) 面向实际工作流(开发 & 编译 & 打包 & 部署 & 上线)的脚手架,并提供docker镜像供快速构建。
📨 Email template generator. Making emails fun again.
Postcss Quantity Queries
PostCSS plugin enabling quantity-queries
Postcss Instagram
📷 PostCSS plugin for using Instagram filters in CSS
Sapper Firebase Typescript Graphql Tailwindcss Actions Template
A template that includes Sapper for Svelte, Firebase functions and hosting, TypeScript and TypeGraphQL, Tailwind CSS, ESLint, and automatic building and deployment with GitHub Actions
Postcss High Contrast
Create high contrast version of your project with ease.
Elm Batteries
Learn how Elm, Parcel, Cypress and Netlify work together. Get started with Elm navigation, routes, remote data and decoder.
Postcss Plugins
The "officially unofficial" consolidated list of PostCSS plugins in a ready-to-use package
Postcss Uncss
Use uncss as a postcss plugin
Postcss Pxtorem
Convert pixel units to rem (root em) units using PostCSS
Css In React
🍭 CSS in React - Learn the best CSS in JS frameworks by example
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