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Laravel Link Checker
Check all links in a Laravel application
Next Seo
Next SEO is a plug in that makes managing your SEO easier in Next.js projects.
🔤 Multilingual and i18n support tool for Jekyll Blogs
Angular11 App
Angular 11 ,Bootstrap 5, Node.js, Express.js, CRUD REST API, PWA, SSR, SEO, Angular Universal, Lazy Loading, PostgreSQL, MYSQL
Redirect Module
No more cumbersome redirects!
The most powerful and extendable tools for managing SEO Meta Tags in your Laravel project
Vue Headful
Set document title and meta tags with Vue.js
Crawl all unique internal links found on a given website, and extract SEO related information - supports javascript based sites
Mirror of Asqatasun ---> we've moved to GITLAB - Opensource web site analyser, used for web accessibility "a11y"
React Pwa
An upgradable boilerplate for Progressive web applications (PWA) with server side rendering, build with SEO in mind and achieving max page speed and optimized user experience.
Statamic Peak
Statamic Peak is an opinionated starter kit for all your Statamic sites.
Sitemap Generator Cli
Creates an XML-Sitemap by crawling a given site.
Web Launch Checklist
📋 A simple website launch checklist to keep track of the most important enrichment possibilities for a website.
Next Blog
SEO utilities including a unique field type, sitemap & redirect manager
Vuesion is a boilerplate that helps product teams build faster than ever with fewer headaches and modern best practices across engineering & design.
Seo Manager
Seo Manager Package for Laravel ( with Localization )
Lighthouse Check Action
GitHub Action for running @GoogleChromeLabs Lighthouse audits with all the bells and whistles 🔔 Multiple audits, Slack notifications, and more!
🧭 Declarative, asynchronous routing for React.
Sitemap Generator Crawler
Script that generates a sitemap by crawling a given URL
Lara Head
Easily setup SEO in your laravel project with lara-head ❤️ @code4mk
✭ 169
Complete SEO generator with all meta-tags including JSON-LD, build your Seo in seconds.
Mac app for website auditing and crawling
Accelerated Mobile Pages
Automatically add Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP Project) functionality on your WordPress.
Structured Data Json Ld
Collection of structured data snippets in Google preferred JSON-LD format.
SEO python scraper to extract data from major searchengine result pages. Extract data like url, title, snippet, richsnippet and the type from searchresults for given keywords. Detect Ads or make automated screenshots. You can also fetch text content of urls provided in searchresults or by your own. It's usefull for SEO and business related research tasks.
Dynamic meta tags in your AngularJS single page application
dynamic server-side rendering using headless Chrome to effortlessly solve the SEO problem for modern javascript websites
Optimize Images
A command-line interface (CLI) utility written in pure Python to help you reduce the file size of images.
Vue Seo Prerender
Vue.js Tutorial: A Prerendered, SEO-Friendly Example
Craft Seomatic
SEOmatic facilitates modern SEO best practices & implementation for Craft CMS 3. It is a turnkey SEO system that is comprehensive, powerful, and flexible.
Fusebox Angular Universal Starter
Angular Universal seed project featuring Server-Side Rendering, @fuse-box bundling, material, firebase, Jest, Nightmare, and more
Search Engine Optimization
🔍 A helpful checklist/collection of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips and techniques.
Laravel Seo
SEO package made for maximum customization and flexibility
React Next Boilerplate
🚀 A basis for reducing the configuration of your projects with nextJS, best development practices and popular libraries in the developer community.
React Structured Data
React Structured Data provides an easy way to add structured data to your React apps
Prerender Java
java framework for prerender
Open Graph
Library that assists in building Open Graph meta tags
Ajax Seo
Ajax SEO crawlable webapp framework with boosted UX
SEO friendly Symfony paginator to sort and paginate
Symfony SonataSeoBundle
Craft Sitemap
Craft plugin to generate a sitemap.
Magento 2 Seo
Magento 2 SEO extension will do perfectly for your better SEO. This is a bundle of outstanding features that are auto-active when you install it from Mageplaza without any code modifications. It is also friendly with your store if you need to insert meta keywords and meta descriptions for your product.
Laravel Seo Tools
Laravel Seo package for Content writer/admin/web master who do not know programming but want to edit/update SEO tags from dashboard
Seo Panel
World's first seo control panel for multiple websites
Gatsby Remark Social Cards
Gatsby remark plugin for generating social card graphics
Laravel Sitemap
Create and generate sitemaps with ease
My own front end web development set up, covering everything from operating system to analytics.
Prestashop Clean Urls
Prestashop module. This override module allows to remove IDs from URLs
Preact Redux Isomorphic
preact-redux-isomorphic PWA SPA SSR best practices and libraries in under 80kB page size (for live demo click the link below)
Jekyll Seo Gem
💎 🔎 A gem version of @bhardin's SEO Jekyll tool
Google Searchconsole
A wrapper for the Google Search Console API.
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