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An Open Source Machine Learning Framework for Everyone

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Tensorflow in Docker on Mesos #tfmesos #tensorflow #mesos
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OneFlow is a performance-centered and open-source deep learning framework.
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[unmaintained] An open-source convolutional neural networks platform for research in medical image analysis and image-guided therapy
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Caffe2 is a lightweight, modular, and scalable deep learning framework.
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Python Library for Model Interpretation/Explanations
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Data-centric declarative deep learning framework
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A flexible, high-performance serving system for machine learning models
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Open standard for machine learning interoperability
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Deep Learning Toolkit for Medical Image Analysis
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DeepHyper: Scalable Asynchronous Neural Architecture and Hyperparameter Search for Deep Neural Networks
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Andrew Ng Notes
This is Andrew NG Coursera Handwritten Notes.
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Distributed Keras Engine, Make Keras faster with only one line of code.
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Framework and Library for Distributed Online Machine Learning
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MNN is a blazing fast, lightweight deep learning framework, battle-tested by business-critical use cases in Alibaba
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An ML framework to accelerate research and its path to production.
Stars: ✭ 236 (-99.85%)
Mutual labels:  ml, distributed
Fabric for Deep Learning (FfDL, pronounced fiddle) is a Deep Learning Platform offering TensorFlow, Caffe, PyTorch etc. as a Service on Kubernetes
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Data compression in TensorFlow
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Handson Ml
A series of Jupyter notebooks that walk you through the fundamentals of Machine Learning and Deep Learning in python using Scikit-Learn and TensorFlow.
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An Engine-Agnostic Deep Learning Framework in Java
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Ml Examples
Arm Machine Learning tutorials and examples
Stars: ✭ 207 (-99.87%)
Mutual labels:  deep-neural-networks, ml

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TensorFlow is an end-to-end open source platform for machine learning. It has a comprehensive, flexible ecosystem of tools, libraries, and community resources that lets researchers push the state-of-the-art in ML and developers easily build and deploy ML-powered applications.

TensorFlow was originally developed by researchers and engineers working on the Google Brain team within Google's Machine Intelligence Research organization to conduct machine learning and deep neural networks research. The system is general enough to be applicable in a wide variety of other domains, as well.

TensorFlow provides stable Python and C++ APIs, as well as non-guaranteed backward compatible API for other languages.

Keep up-to-date with release announcements and security updates by subscribing to [email protected]. See all the mailing lists.


See the TensorFlow install guide for the pip package, to enable GPU support, use a Docker container, and build from source.

To install the current release, which includes support for CUDA-enabled GPU cards (Ubuntu and Windows):

$ pip install tensorflow

A smaller CPU-only package is also available:

$ pip install tensorflow-cpu

To update TensorFlow to the latest version, add --upgrade flag to the above commands.

Nightly binaries are available for testing using the tf-nightly and tf-nightly-cpu packages on PyPi.

Try your first TensorFlow program

$ python
>>> import tensorflow as tf
>>> tf.add(1, 2).numpy()
>>> hello = tf.constant('Hello, TensorFlow!')
>>> hello.numpy()
b'Hello, TensorFlow!'

For more examples, see the TensorFlow tutorials.

Contribution guidelines

If you want to contribute to TensorFlow, be sure to review the contribution guidelines. This project adheres to TensorFlow's code of conduct. By participating, you are expected to uphold this code.

We use GitHub issues for tracking requests and bugs, please see TensorFlow Discuss for general questions and discussion, and please direct specific questions to Stack Overflow.

The TensorFlow project strives to abide by generally accepted best practices in open-source software development:

Fuzzing Status CII Best Practices Contributor Covenant

Continuous build status

You can find more community-supported platforms and configurations in the TensorFlow SIG Build community builds table.

Official Builds

Build Type Status Artifacts
Linux CPU Status PyPI
Linux GPU Status PyPI
Linux XLA Status TBA
macOS Status PyPI
Windows CPU Status PyPI
Windows GPU Status PyPI
Android Status Download
Raspberry Pi 0 and 1 Status Py3
Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 Status Py3
Libtensorflow MacOS CPU Status Temporarily Unavailable Nightly Binary Official GCS
Libtensorflow Linux CPU Status Temporarily Unavailable Nightly Binary Official GCS
Libtensorflow Linux GPU Status Temporarily Unavailable Nightly Binary Official GCS
Libtensorflow Windows CPU Status Temporarily Unavailable Nightly Binary Official GCS
Libtensorflow Windows GPU Status Temporarily Unavailable Nightly Binary Official GCS


Learn more about the TensorFlow community and how to contribute.


Apache License 2.0

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