Top 911 Starlark open source projects

2. React Native
A framework for building native applications using React
4. Amphtml
The AMP web component framework.
5. React Native Swipeout
iOS-style swipeout buttons behind component
7. Wdt
Warp speed Data Transfer (WDT) is an embeddedable library (and command line tool) aiming to transfer data between 2 systems as fast as possible over multiple TCP paths.
8. Sorbet
A fast, powerful type checker designed for Ruby
9. Braft
An industrial-grade C++ implementation of RAFT consensus algorithm based on brpc, widely used inside Baidu to build highly-available distributed systems.
12. Cxx
Safe interop between Rust and C++
13. External Storage
[EOL] External storage plugins, provisioners, and helper libraries
15. Util
Wonderful reusable code from Twitter
16. Passbolt api
Passbolt CE Backend, a JSON API written with Cakephp
17. Kubevirt
Kubernetes Virtualization API and runtime in order to define and manage virtual machines.
18. React Native Tab Navigator
A tab bar that switches between scenes, written in JS for cross-platform support
19. Tools
Codelabs management & hosting tools
21. Deepvariant
DeepVariant is an analysis pipeline that uses a deep neural network to call genetic variants from next-generation DNA sequencing data.
23. Crate
👕 👖 📦 A sample web and mobile application built with Node, Express, React, React Native, Redux and GraphQL. Very basic replica of / (allows users to get monthly subscription of trendy clothes and accessories).
24. React Native Spinkit
A collection of animated loading indicators for React Native
29. Formatjs
The monorepo home to all of the FormatJS related libraries, most notably react-intl.
32. Gsygithubapp
超完整的React Native项目,功能丰富,适合学习和日常使用。GSYGithubApp系列的优势:我们目前已经拥有Flutter、Weex、ReactNative、kotlin 四个版本。 功能齐全,项目框架内技术涉及面广,完成度高,配套文章,适合全面学习,对比参考。开源Github客户端App,更好的体验,更丰富的功能,旨在更好的日常管理和维护个人Github,提供更好更方便的驾车体验Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ。同款Weex版本 : 、同款Flutter版本 : 、原生 kotlin 版本 https://git…
33. React Native Collapsible
Animated collapsible component for React Native, good for accordions, toggles etc
34. React Native Boilerplate
A React Native template for building solid applications 🐙, using JavaScript 💛 or Typescript 💙 (you choose).
36. Jax
Composable transformations of Python+NumPy programs: differentiate, vectorize, JIT to GPU/TPU, and more
37. Gflags
The gflags package contains a C++ library that implements commandline flags processing. It includes built-in support for standard types such as string and the ability to define flags in the source file in which they are used. Online documentation available at:
38. Prysm
Go implementation of Ethereum proof of stake
39. Typescript React Native Starter
A starter template for TypeScript and React Native with a detailed README describing how to use the two together.
41. Tcmalloc
No description, website, or topics provided.
42. Gapid
GAPID is a collection of tools that allows you to inspect, tweak and replay calls from an application to a graphics driver.
44. V2ray Core
A platform for building proxies to bypass network restrictions.
47. Tink
Tink is a multi-language, cross-platform, open source library that provides cryptographic APIs that are secure, easy to use correctly, and hard(er) to misuse.
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