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TFDS is a collection of datasets ready to use with TensorFlow, Jax, ...
A Tensorflow implementation of AnimeGAN for fast photo animation ! This is the Open source of the paper 「AnimeGAN: a novel lightweight GAN for photo animation」, which uses the GAN framwork to transform real-world photos into anime images.
Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning Machine Learning Tutorials
A comprehensive list of Deep Learning / Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tutorials - rapidly expanding into areas of AI/Deep Learning / Machine Vision / NLP and industry specific areas such as Climate / Energy, Automotives, Retail, Pharma, Medicine, Healthcare, Policy, Ethics and more.
Chexnet Keras
This project is a tool to build CheXNet-like models, written in Keras.
Tensorflow Implementation of DexiNed for Edge Detection WACV'20 (also in PyTorch )
Simple Effective Text Matching
Source code of the ACL2019 paper "Simple and Effective Text Matching with Richer Alignment Features".
Deeplearning Cfn
Distributed Deep Learning on AWS Using CloudFormation (CFN), MXNet and TensorFlow
Speech recognition with tensorflow
Implementation of a seq2seq model for Speech Recognition using the latest version of TensorFlow. Architecture similar to Listen, Attend and Spell.
Probabilistic Face Embeddings
(ICCV 2019) Uncertainty-aware Face Representation and Recognition
Official implementation of 'FMix: Enhancing Mixed Sample Data Augmentation'
Fast Weights
🏃 Implementation of Using Fast Weights to Attend to the Recent Past.
Targeted Dropout
Complementary code for the Targeted Dropout paper
Change Detection Review
A review of change detection methods, including codes and open data sets for deep learning. From paper: change detection based on artificial intelligence: state-of-the-art and challenges.
A tensorflow implementation of EAST text detector
Deep Learning Book
Repository for "Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks and Deep Learning: A Practical Guide with Applications in Python"
Har Stacked Residual Bidir Lstms
Using deep stacked residual bidirectional LSTM cells (RNN) with TensorFlow, we do Human Activity Recognition (HAR). Classifying the type of movement amongst 6 categories or 18 categories on 2 different datasets.
Tensorflow implementation for paper CosFace: Large Margin Cosine Loss for Deep Face Recognition
FlowNet3D: Learning Scene Flow in 3D Point Clouds (CVPR 2019)
Mixture Density Networks For Distribution And Uncertainty Estimation
A generic Mixture Density Networks (MDN) implementation for distribution and uncertainty estimation by using Keras (TensorFlow)
Model Zoo for Intel® Architecture: contains Intel optimizations for running deep learning workloads on Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors
Code/Model release for NIPS 2017 paper "Attentional Pooling for Action Recognition"
Porn images detector with python, tensorflow, scikit-learn and opencv.
Keras Sharp
Keras# initiated as an effort to port the Keras deep learning library to C#, supporting both TensorFlow and CNTK
Fast Soft Sort
Fast Differentiable Sorting and Ranking
Nested LSTM Cell
Four flower
Tensorflow novelist
Tf Sndcgan
Tensorflow Implementation of the paper "Spectral Normalization for Generative Adversarial Networks" (ICML 2017 workshop)
Tensorflow Shakespeare
Neural machine translation between the writings of Shakespeare and modern English using TensorFlow
A multi-channel neural network audio classifier using Keras
Framework Determinism
Providing determinism in deep learning frameworks
Caption generator
A modular library built on top of Keras and TensorFlow to generate a caption in natural language for any input image.
The Gan World
Everything about Generative Adversarial Networks
Deep learning operations reinvented (for pytorch, tensorflow, jax and others)
Nlp Architect
A model library for exploring state-of-the-art deep learning topologies and techniques for optimizing Natural Language Processing neural networks
TensorFlow implementation of ENet, trained on the Cityscapes dataset.
Rrpn faster Rcnn tensorflow
A tensorflow re-implementation of RRPN: Arbitrary-Oriented Scene Text Detection via Rotation Proposals.
Graph Networks as a Universal Machine Learning Framework for Molecules and Crystals
Wasm Sudoku Solver
a WebAssembly-powered AR sudoku solver
Mirnet Tfjs
TensorFlow JS models for MIRNet for low-light image enhancement.
Notes, Codes, and Tutorials for the Deep Learning Course <which I taught at ChinaHadoop>
Train Robot Arm From Scratch
Build environment and train a robot arm from scratch (Reinforcement Learning)
Face Recognizer Android
Reatime Face Recognizer on Android
Tensorflow qrnn
QRNN implementation for TensorFlow
UnFlow: Unsupervised Learning of Optical Flow with a Bidirectional Census Loss
Natural Language Toolkit for bahasa Malaysia,
Retext Keywords
plugin to extract keywords and key-phrases
A Deep Learning Amazon Web Service (AWS) AMI that is open, free and works. Run in less than 5 minutes. TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, Theano, MXNet, CNTK, Caffe and all dependencies.
Ntm One Shot Tf
One Shot Learning using Memory-Augmented Neural Networks (MANN) based on Neural Turing Machine architecture in Tensorflow
Tensorflow Internals
It is open source ebook about TensorFlow kernel and implementation mechanism.
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