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Flutter firebase vote
A flutter application named Vote, based on firebase auth and firestore database.
Stars: ✭ 62 (-65.56%)
Mutual labels:  flutter-apps, firebase
Chat app
A flutter chat app built with firestore. It is clone of messenger.User can create stories,chat and search in real time.
Stars: ✭ 493 (+173.89%)
Mutual labels:  firebase, dribbble
Flutter firebase
Flutter UI with different widgets and firebase authentication email and gmail
Stars: ✭ 254 (+41.11%)
Mutual labels:  flutter-apps, firebase
Open source Flutter-based template for a business assistant application
Stars: ✭ 137 (-23.89%)
Mutual labels:  flutter-apps, firebase
Light dark toggle
An awesome flutter app which artistically animates light and dark mode 😍
Stars: ✭ 175 (-2.78%)
Mutual labels:  flutter-apps, dribbble
Rich UI and animation flutter app backed by firebase
Stars: ✭ 121 (-32.78%)
Mutual labels:  flutter-apps, firebase
Flutter Examples
Personal collection of Flutter apps.
Stars: ✭ 394 (+118.89%)
Mutual labels:  firebase, dribbble
Pet Shop is an e-commerce application for Android built with Flutter (iOS to come soon).
Stars: ✭ 127 (-29.44%)
Mutual labels:  flutter-apps, firebase
Flutter firebase starter
Flutter firebase starter project
Stars: ✭ 136 (-24.44%)
Mutual labels:  flutter-apps, firebase
Flutter parallax scroll
Flutter UI challenge- Parallax scroll effect
Stars: ✭ 172 (-4.44%)
Mutual labels:  flutter-apps, dribbble
Android ripple animation helper, easy to create Circular Reveal. | Android水波动画帮助类,轻松实现View show/hide/startActivity()特效。(0.4.6)
Stars: ✭ 1,998 (+1010%)
Mutual labels:  dribbble
Firestore Cloud Functions Typescript
Firebase cloud functions in typescript with Firestore. Using a social network as example
Stars: ✭ 171 (-5%)
Mutual labels:  firebase
Santa Tracker Android
Google Santa Tracker app for Android is an educational and entertaining tradition that brings joy to millions of children (and children at heart) across the world over the December holiday period.
Stars: ✭ 2,062 (+1045.56%)
Mutual labels:  firebase
React Firebase
🔥Declarative React bindings for Firebase Auth & Realtime Database.
Stars: ✭ 176 (-2.22%)
Mutual labels:  firebase
Sign in flutter
"Login Demo" app which shows how to use google sign in Android and iOS using Flutter.
Stars: ✭ 170 (-5.56%)
Mutual labels:  firebase
🔥From a little spark may burst a flame.
Stars: ✭ 175 (-2.78%)
Mutual labels:  firebase
Rest app
Authentication + Splash Screen Flutter UI, UI created getting inspired from one share on dribble with flutter
Stars: ✭ 169 (-6.11%)
Mutual labels:  firebase
Tiktok Clone
An iOS Tiktok Clone built with Swift(Frontend) and Firebase(Backend)
Stars: ✭ 170 (-5.56%)
Mutual labels:  firebase
Notes App
Note Taking App made with Flutter with Sqlite as database..
Stars: ✭ 168 (-6.67%)
Mutual labels:  flutter-apps
Flutter wallet app
Wallet app built in flutter
Stars: ✭ 179 (-0.56%)
Mutual labels:  flutter-apps


Task UI Concept inspiration from dribbble


Coming soon

  • Full feature app with firebase integration.
  • Will use bloc pattern

Good learning source.

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