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The Raku Guide

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Raku Guide

This document is intended to give you a quick overview of the Raku programming language.
For those who are new to Raku it should get you up and running.


For online reading navigate to:

Building the document

The document is written in asciidoc format and generated using asciidoctor and pygments. You will need a current version of ruby, asciidoctor, pygments, and a special gem that provides a pre-release version of asciidoctor-pdf.

Install the required tools:

$ sudo pip install Pygments
$ sudo gem install asciidoctor
$ sudo gem install asciidoctor-pdf
$ sudo gem install pygments.rb

To produce perl6intro.pdf, run:

$ asciidoctor-pdf perl6intro.adoc

To produce perl6intro.html, run:

$ asciidoctor perl6intro.adoc


All feedback is welcomed:

  • Corrections
  • Suggestions
  • Additions
  • Translations


If you wish to translate this document, always use the English version as your starting point. If you are starting a new translation create a new file. For example, the French translation will be in fr.perl6intro.adoc, the Deutsch translation in de.perl6intro.adoc
If you want to modify a translated version, consider modifying the English version first. It is important that all translations be kept in sync.


Kindly prefix your commit title with the language it is targeting. For example, all commits targeting the English version would have a title that starts with [EN]. All commits targeting the Spanish translation have a title that starts with [ES].


For the full list of contributors:


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