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React Router, Redux, Redux Thunk & Create React App boilerplate

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Simple React Social Network
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The simplest possible Async Universal React & Redux Boilerplate app, that works on both Mac and Windows
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react-antd-admin 是一个后台集成解决方案,它基于 react 和 antd; 内置了动态路由,标签页缓存,权限验证、切换功能
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eCommerce application based on the microservices architecture built using Spring Boot and ReactJS.
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React Workshop
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Road Beyond React App
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Learning reactjs from the ground up (router, redux, thunk, hooks, context, portals, and functional components)
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Regular Expression Collection (ReactJS, Redux, React Router, Recompose, NodeJS, Express)
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Server-side rendering with create-react-app, React Router v4, Helmet, Redux, and Thunk boilerplate, without ejecting CRA
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⚛️🔨create-react-app application with redux and another cool libraries to make your life easier.
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⚡️Setup your entire project quickly and easily with 1-line command ⚡️
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Cra Boilerplate
Up to date: This project is an Create React App - v2.1.1 boilerplate with integration of Redux, React Router, Redux thunk & Reactstrap(Bootstrap v4)
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Website for Cerebro
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React, React Router, Redux and Redux Thunk


git clone
cd create-react-app-redux

Get started

yarn start

This boilerplate is built using create-react-app so you will want to read the User Guide for more goodies.

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