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Licence: MIT License
ES6 + SASS + Hot Reloading + Docker + WordPress Theme

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ES6 + SASS + Hot Reloading + Docker + WordPress Theme

alt text

"Theme" - The Great Blank

alt text

A quick start blank template for WordPress with a bunch of development features.

⚠️ Warning

I've created this for myself so it will inevitably lack something you need, and for that I can only apologise and encourage you to contribute in the form of creating a PR or raising an issue.

📄 Instructions

You will need node.js, yarn, docker, and docker-compose installed in order to use this.

Install Dependencies

yarn install

Run WordPress server and/or WordPress installation

yarn server:up

Stop WordPress server

yarn server:down

Delete WordPress and database

yarn server:wipe


Launches browser window with hot reloading.

yarn dev


Builds everything and dumps it in ./dist

yarn build

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