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Top 24 hot-reloading open source projects

Better playgrounds that work both for Objective-C and Swift
Systemjs Hot Reloader
reloads your modules as needed so that you can have satisfyingly fast feedback loop when developing your app
React Hot Ts
Demo of React Hot Reloading + TypeScript + Webpack2
Allow runtime modification of JavaFX CSS
The Ultimate Boilerplate
webpack 2, react hotloader 3, react router v4, code splitting and more
Webpack plugin to enable reloading while developing Chrome extensions.
Source code for the Mun language and runtime.
Example project - "Hot Reloading 4 RequireJS" front-end web applications & some extra code demonstrating hot-reloading for Node.js Express servers
Systemjs Hmr
Hot Module Replacement for SystemJS
Webpack Chrome Extension Reloader
🔥 Hot reloading while developing Chrome extensions with webpack 🔥
Webpack Extension Reloader
A upgrade from 🔥webpack-chrome-extension-reloader🔥, now on all browsers
Scalable React Boilerplate
⭐️ Scalable feature-first React micro-framework made for Udacity Alumni collaborative projects
DEPRECATED: somes experiments usng react-navigation in web
active reloader rb
Rails gem that reloads browser as soon as any file is changed
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