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The most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.
Material Colors
Colors of Google's Material Design made available to coders
An elegant CSS Framework.
Vue Video
vue + vue-router + vuex + (fetch->axios)
以小商城作为基本的内容演示,目的是希望打造一个前端 h5 通用型的解决方案。
Vue Cnode
🔥Vue.js打造一个开源的CNode社区。CNode by Vue.js
Unnamed Css Framework
A simple colorful CSS framework
Frontend Webpack Boilerplate
Simple starter webpack 5 project template supporting SASS/PostCSS, Babel ES7, browser syncing, code linting. Easy project setup having multiple features and developer friendly tools.
Reset Css
An unmodified* copy of Eric Meyer's CSS reset. PostCSS, webpack, Sass, and Less friendly.
Get the power of PostCSS with plugins in your JSS styles. 🎨 Just put CSS into JS and get it as JSS object.
"Compile" your VueJS components (sfc/*.vue) to standalone html/js/css ... python only (no need of nodejs). Support python components too !
Calcite Maps
A Bootstrap theme for designing, styling and creating modern map apps.
Sass reimplemented in rust with nom.
The react-based community network for amFOSS members
Sassy Gridlover
Super easy to use Sass mixins to establish a typographic system with modular scale and vertical rhythm. Based on the Gridlover app.
Vue Questionnaire
使用 Vue + CI 开发的简易问卷调查系统,演示账户:admin / admin
A Sass implementation of mathematical functions.
✭ 221
👨‍🎨 CSS Themes Made Easy. A robust, opinionated solution to manage themes in your web application
V Bar
The virtual responsive crossbrowser scrollbar component for VueJS 2x
A CSS Grid Framework
Aspnetcore Vue Typescript Template
Template AspNetCore with Vue, Vue router, Vuex, TypeScript, Bulma, Sass and Jest
Vue Foundation
VueJS + Foundation + Vue-Router + Webpack
React Native Css Modules
Style React Native components using CSS, PostCSS, Sass, Less or Stylus.
Hubuntu Ui
Material Admin Dashboard Starter UI ( Ubuntu style ) -
Django Static Precompiler
Django Static Precompiler provides template tags and filters to compile CoffeeScript, LiveScript, SASS / SCSS, LESS, Stylus, Babel and Handlebars. It works with both inline code and external files.
React Cordova Boilerplate
TodoMVC example for react with development tools to build a cordova application
Family.scss is a set of Sass mixins which will help you to manage the style of :nth-child'ified elements, in an easy way.
Jekyll Doc Theme
Jekyll theme for creating project documentation websites
A bare minimum responsive framework
Vue Node Pastime
😄 基于vue全家桶、nodejs和mongodb的前后端整合项目
Don't use this, use Create React App
Tools for theming shiny and rmarkdown from R via Bootstrap (3 or 4) Sass.
A jQuery plugin to make your form controls look how you want them to. Now with HTML-5 attributes!
An Eleventy starter project built to be fast
Vx Ui
vue components 移动端UI组件库
Docker Django Webpack Skeleton
Django Skeleton W/ Docker Dev & Production W/ Webpack 2 W/ BabelJS W/ Sass W/ PostgreSQL
Design System
Open source design and front-end development resources for creating Section 508 compliant, responsive, and consistent websites.
Typed Scss Modules
🎁 Generate type definitions (.d.ts) for CSS Modules using SCSS
Dart Sass
The reference implementation of Sass, written in Dart.
Nuxt Sass Resources Loader
SASS resources (e.g. variables, mixins etc.) module for NuxtJs
Include Media
📐 Simple, elegant and maintainable media queries in Sass
A responsive micro-framework for the grid spec powered by CSS custom properties.
A collection of pure CSS grids for designing your new projects
Hexo Theme Laughing
A lightweight hexo theme
🎉 Minimal and Clean Free Jekyll Theme
Awesome Itcss
🤗 🎉 A curated list of awesome ITCSS articles, videos, and code examples
Sass Extract
Extract structured variables from sass files
stylefmt is a tool that automatically formats stylesheets.
Stackoverflow Clone
Clone project of a famous Q/A website for developers which is stackoverflow built using MySQL-Express-React-Node 🌐
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