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Free Material Admin Template

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Material Admin

Material Admin is yet another incredible admin template from Bootstrapdash that is based on Google Material Design framework. The template is tastefully designed and coded to perfection. Material Admin comes packed with a lot of material design components, UI elements and built-in sample pages to kick-start your project.

The template is highly customizable so that you can alter the design to suit your needs and give it a unique look and very well-documented to help you get started without any issues.


  • Google Material Design Framework
  • Material Design Icons
  • jQuery
  • Gulp
  • Chart.js

Browser Support:

Material Admin is designed to work flawlessly with all the latest and modern web browsers.

  • Chrome (latest)
  • FireFox (latest)
  • Safari (latest)
  • Opera (latest)
  • IE10+

License Information:

Material Admin is released under MIT license. Material Admin is a free Material Design admin template developed by BootstrapDash. Feel free to download it, use it, share it, and get creative with it.

How to use Material Admin?

1 - Click the Clone or Download button in GitHub and download as a ZIP file or you can enter the command git clone in you terminal to get a copy of this template.

2 - After the files have been downloaded you will get a folder with all the required files

3 - You can install all the dependencies in the template by running the command npm install. All the required files are in the node modules.

4 - Find the file named index.html, check what all components you need. Open the file in a text editor and you can start editing.

5 - Now that your project has now kick-started, all you need to do now is to code, code, and code to your heart's content.

How to Contribute?:

We love your contributions and we welcome them wholeheartedly. We believe the more the merrier. To contribute make sure you have a Node.js and npm installed. Now run the command gulp --version. If the command returns with the Gulp version number, it means you have Gulp installed. If not you need to run the command npm install --global gulp-cli to install Gulp.


After Gulp has been installed, follow the steps below to contribute.
1 - Fork and clone the repo of Material Admin.
2 - Run the command npm install to install all the dependencies.
3 - Enter the command gulp serve. This will open Material Admin in your default browser.
4 - Make your valuable contribution
5 - Submit a pull request.

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