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Gab Dissenter Extension Browser Extension source code
Vue + Vue-router + Vuex 实现前端页面及逻辑,Express 实现注册登录登出的RestFul API 。
Weapp Workflow
基于Gulp 的微信小程序前端开发工作流 💯
Gulp Html Replace
Replace build blocks in HTML. Like useref but done right.
React Zhihu
这是一个模仿知乎界面的简单React demo。这个React demo能让你从零开始学习React,并逐渐掌握React。它包括了一个项目从零到项目完成的整个过程。
Miniprogram Ecommerce Open Source
Gulp Image
Optimize PNG, JPEG, GIF, SVG images with gulp task.
A bare minimum responsive framework
Angular2 Express Mongoose Gulp Node Typescript
AngularJS 2 (Updated to 4.2.0) Mean Stack application which uses Angular2, Gulp, Express, Node, MongoDB (Mongoose) with Repository Pattern Business Layer
Techqueria is a nonprofit the serves the largest community of Latinx in Tech
Gulp Webpack Starter
Gulp Webpack Starter - fast static website builder. The starter uses gulp toolkit and webpack bundler. Download to get an awesome development experience!
Tmt Workflow
A web developer workflow used by WeChat team based on Gulp, with cross-platform supported and solutions prepared.
Jekyll Starter Tailwind
Jekyll starter styled with Tailwind CSS
Front End Tooling Recipes
Collection of pre-configured front-end tooling setups for common uses.
Stellar is completely based on the latest version of Bootstrap 4. Stellar Admin is designed to reflect the simplicity and svelte of the components and UI elements and coded to perfection with well-organized code.
Generator Angular Webpack Es6
Yeoman generator for Angular projects using Webpack, ES6, SASS with some cool optional features. Feel free to contribute!
Compile Hero
🔰Visual Studio Code Extension For Compiling Language
基于Laravel5.2,Vue.js1.0的微信商城,用于熟悉 Laravel、Vuejs、Webpack、Gulp 的结合使用,已不维护及更新。(1MB单核基础服务器,浏览请耐心等待图片加载...)
PHPHub Ver 5 is a Forum project Powered by Laravel 5.1, and it is also the project build up PHP & Laravel China community (此项目已弃用)
Markdown driven task runner.
Ignition Go
Bootstrap4 /Codeigniter 3 Modular (HMVC) App Building Framework - to build enterprise class web applications... Versions: CodeIgniter 3.1.9 AdminLTE 3.4 Bootstrap 4.5.0
Ng6 Starter
🆖 An AngularJS Starter repo for AngularJS + ES6 + Webpack
First Pr
What was the first pull request you sent on GitHub?
Express Graphql Typescript Boilerplate
A starter kit for building amazing GraphQL API's with TypeScript and express by @w3tecch
Hugo + Gulp starter project
Gulp Tap
Easily tap into a gulp pipeline without creating a plugin.
Sass Recipes
Sass things that I do all the time or should remember to do because googling tutorials gets old
Sublime Gulp
Run Gulp tasks and use snippets from Sublime Text
Bootstrap 4 Boilerplate
Bootstrap 4.3.1 boilerplate with Browsersync, Sass and Gulp.js
Gulp Include
Enables functionality similar to that of snockets / sprockets or other file insertion compilation tools.
Gulp Server Io
Standalone / gulp (stream) / delivery server setup with Proxy options remote debugger and more
我的博客(Hexo + NexT + GitPage)
Gulp Remember
A plugin for gulp that remembers and recalls files passed through it
Gulp Run
Pipe to shell commands in gulp
Generator Phaser Plus
[🛑 DISCONTINUED] It has been a long journey but development of `generator-phaser-plus` is now over. I recommend you have a look and fork `yandeu/phaser-project-template` instead.
Vue Webgulp
Vue.js + Webpack + Gulp + Vue Loader
Gulp Hb
A sane Gulp plugin to compile Handlebars templates. Useful as a static site generator.
Genesis Starter Theme
A starter theme for the Genesis Framework with a modern development workflow
🚚 Boilerplate for your perfect front-end environment (utilizing Gulp.js, Babel, and more)
Gulp Mjml
Add Gulp to your MJML workflow!
Some of the gulp tutorial -《gulp笔记》
Gulp Starter Kit
A simple Gulp 4 Starter Kit for modern web development.
Nightwatch Custom Commands Assertions
Nightwatch.js custom commands and assertions
Web Starter Kit
Web Starter Kit is an opinionated boilerplate for web development. A solid starting point for both professionals and newcomers to the industry.
Lightweight and robust CSS framework for prototyping and production code.
Angular bootstrap spring
AngularJS, Restful, Spring, Spring Security, Hibernate,Bootstrap, Gulp in ES6, Maven
Awesome Gulp Cn
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Gulp Bro
👊 gulp + browserify + incremental build, done right.
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