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Forest Rails
🌱 Rails Liana for Forest Admin
Bootstrap 3 responsive dashboard / webapp / admin template
React Firebase Admin
React ⚛️ starter kit with Firebase 🔥 and Bulma for setting up an admin dashboard - Highly scalable, PWA, Serverless
Angular Material Dashboard
Angular Material Dasshboard using Angular Material, highcharts and flexbox
Angular Adminlte
AngularjsApp Implementation of renowned Admin-LTE theme ( now with many useful directives and features.
Hubuntu Ui
Material Admin Dashboard Starter UI ( Ubuntu style ) -
Application for Managing Firebase Applications. Includes support for multiple environments and data migrations
inkScope is a ceph visualization and admin interface
Free and Open-source Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Template and Landing Page
The first Bootstrap 5 admin dashboard template
Ember Cli Admin
Ember-cli-admin is a powerful admin dashboard for ember-cli projects
Stellar is completely based on the latest version of Bootstrap 4. Stellar Admin is designed to reflect the simplicity and svelte of the components and UI elements and coded to perfection with well-organized code.
Jet Django
Jet Bridge (Django) for Jet Admin – Admin panel framework for your application
Ignition Go
Bootstrap4 /Codeigniter 3 Modular (HMVC) App Building Framework - to build enterprise class web applications... Versions: CodeIgniter 3.1.9 AdminLTE 3.4 Bootstrap 4.5.0
React Admin Low Code
react-admin (via ra-data-hasura-graphql provider) + hasura = :)
Admin Template
Tailwind CSS Starter Template - Admin Dashboard Template
Architectui Html Theme Free
ArchitectUI Dashboard Free is lightweight and comes packed with the minimal set of components to get you started. If you have a simple application, it’s the perfect solution for you. It’s built on top of Bootstrap 4 and features a scalable architecture just like it’s wiser, older sibling – ArchitectUI HTML Pro theme.
Admin dashboard for enterprise Laravel applications built by VueJS and Element UI
Notus Svelte
Notus Svelte: Free Tailwind CSS UI Kit and Admin
Kube Ops View
Kubernetes Operational View - read-only system dashboard for multiple K8s clusters
Airframe Next
Free Open Source High Quality Dashboard based on Bootstrap 4 & React 16 + Next.js:
Ra Data Feathers
A feathers rest client for react-admin
Laravel Coreui Vue
Laravel 5.6 with CoreUI (VueJS Full Starter Template) >>> Deprecated, please go to
A modern, responsive admin framework for Ruby on Rails
Gatsby Admin Template
Free admin dashboard template based on Gatsby with @paljs/ui component package
Core Php Admin Panel
An Admin panel written in core php with CRUD, filters and pagination.
Sigma React
Free PrimeReact Application Template
Lightning Admin Angular
A mobile first design of a responsive admin template built with angular and bootstrap
AdminLTE - Free admin dashboard template based on Bootstrap 4
Dva Boot Admin
🍰 react admin dashboard ui LANIF-ADMIN --- react 16 + react-router 4 + dva 2 + antd 4 后台管理 脚手架
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