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☁️ Cloud-scale telemetry ingestion from any stream of data with Azure Event Hubs

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Projects that are alternatives of or similar to Azure Event Hubs

Azure Event Hubs Spark
Enabling Continuous Data Processing with Apache Spark and Azure Event Hubs
Stars: ✭ 140 (-39.91%)
Mutual labels:  azure, microsoft, stream, spark, streaming, apache
Azure Event Hubs For Kafka
Azure Event Hubs for Apache Kafka Ecosystems
Stars: ✭ 124 (-46.78%)
Mutual labels:  azure, microsoft, messaging, apache
.NET for Apache® Spark™ makes Apache Spark™ easily accessible to .NET developers.
Stars: ✭ 1,721 (+638.63%)
Mutual labels:  azure, microsoft, spark, streaming
Qpid Proton
Mirror of Apache Qpid Proton
Stars: ✭ 164 (-29.61%)
Mutual labels:  messaging, amqp, apache
Data Accelerator
Data Accelerator for Apache Spark simplifies onboarding to Streaming of Big Data. It offers a rich, easy to use experience to help with creation, editing and management of Spark jobs on Azure HDInsights or Databricks while enabling the full power of the Spark engine.
Stars: ✭ 247 (+6.01%)
Mutual labels:  azure, spark, streaming
Mirror of Apache Qpid Broker-J
Stars: ✭ 52 (-77.68%)
Mutual labels:  amqp, messaging, apache
Mirror of Apache Qpid C++
Stars: ✭ 77 (-66.95%)
Mutual labels:  amqp, messaging, apache
Mirror of Apache Qpid Dispatch
Stars: ✭ 62 (-73.39%)
Mutual labels:  amqp, messaging, apache
Mirror of Apache Qpid Python
Stars: ✭ 15 (-93.56%)
Mutual labels:  amqp, messaging, apache
Mirror of Apache Qpid Proton-J
Stars: ✭ 28 (-87.98%)
Mutual labels:  amqp, messaging, apache
Activemq Artemis
Mirror of Apache ActiveMQ Artemis
Stars: ✭ 685 (+193.99%)
Mutual labels:  messaging, amqp, apache
Azure Service Bus Dotnet
☁️ .NET Standard client library for Azure Service Bus
Stars: ✭ 237 (+1.72%)
Mutual labels:  azure, messaging, amqp
☁️ Java client library for Azure Event Hubs
Stars: ✭ 49 (-78.97%)
Mutual labels:  stream, amqp, messaging
Mirror of Apache Qpid JMS
Stars: ✭ 60 (-74.25%)
Mutual labels:  amqp, messaging, apache
Azure Service Bus
☁️ Azure Service Bus service issue tracking and samples
Stars: ✭ 472 (+102.58%)
Mutual labels:  azure, messaging, amqp
Simple and Distributed Machine Learning
Stars: ✭ 2,899 (+1144.21%)
Mutual labels:  azure, microsoft, spark
Lightweight, fault-tolerant message streams.
Stars: ✭ 2,175 (+833.48%)
Mutual labels:  messaging, streaming
Glob Stream
A Readable Stream interface over node-glob.
Stars: ✭ 172 (-26.18%)
Mutual labels:  stream, streaming
The streaming database built for IoT data storage and real-time processing in the 5G Era
Stars: ✭ 166 (-28.76%)
Mutual labels:  stream, streaming
EnMasse - Self-service messaging on Kubernetes and OpenShift
Stars: ✭ 185 (-20.6%)
Mutual labels:  messaging, amqp

Microsoft Azure Event Hubs

Azure Event Hubs samples

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This repository contains samples for Azure Event Hubs.

Client SDK samples

The .NET and Java client SDK samples in this repository use old SDKs. For samples that use new SDKs, see the following repositories.

You can find samples for other languages and frameworks in the following repositories:

If you have any feedback, questions, or comments, go to the respective repo and file an issue. Your involvement is welcome and encouraged!

Management SDK samples

This repository also contains management samples that use the .NET management SDK, PowerShell, and CLI.

See also

To learn about Event Hubs, see our Event Hubs documentation.

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