Top 135 amqp open source projects

AMQP implementation using asyncio
Azure Service Bus Dotnet
☁️ .NET Standard client library for Azure Service Bus
Azure Event Hubs
☁️ Cloud-scale telemetry ingestion from any stream of data with Azure Event Hubs
Enqueue Bundle
[READ-ONLY] Message queue bundle for Symfony. RabbitMQ, Amazon SQS, Redis, Service bus, Async events, RPC over MQ and a lot more
Akka Rabbitmq
RabbitMq client in Scala and Akka actors
EnMasse - Self-service messaging on Kubernetes and OpenShift
Python bindings to librabbitmq-c
Tsung is a high-performance benchmark framework for various protocols including HTTP, XMPP, LDAP, etc.
RabbitMQ wire tap and swiss army knife
Simple AMQP wrapper around
Enqueue Dev
Message Queue, Job Queue, Broadcasting, WebSockets packages for PHP, Symfony, Laravel, Magento. DEVELOPMENT REPOSITORY - provided by Forma-Pro
Laravel Queue
Laravel Enqueue message queue extension. Supports AMQP, Amazon SQS, Kafka, Google PubSub, Redis, STOMP, Gearman, Beanstalk and others
AMQP message broker implemented with golang
Gen rmq
Elixir AMQP consumer and publisher behaviours
Spring Boot Amqp Messaging
This is a simple spring-boot app that shows how to configure easily RabbitMQ with AMQP for producing and consuming messages in default format and JSON.
Rabbitmq Dump Queue
Dump messages from a RabbitMQ queue to files, without affecting the queue.
Golang AMQP mocking library
Distributed Flow-Based Programming via message queues
AMQP 1.0 client library for Go.
Thread-safe Python RabbitMQ Client & Management library
Amqp Tools
The amqp tools such as delay strategies and so on.
Amqp Interop
PHP 7.1+. Promoting the interoperability of AMQPs. It is based on queue-interop
Nestjs Amqp
Amqp connections for nestjs 💌
ActiveMQ CLI testing and message management
The AsyncAPI specification allows you to create machine-readable definitions of your asynchronous APIs.
An intelligent AMQP proxy, with connection and channel pooling/reusing
Rabbitmq Mock
Mock for RabbitMQ Java amqp-client
Pure python AMQP 0.9.1 asynchronous client library
Nestjs Example
NestJS example with GraphQL, Schema-Stitching, Dataloader, GraphQL Upload, RabbitMQ, Redis, Scalable Websocket and JWT authentication
Open source AMQP messaging broker based on Akka
Pure Rust RabbitMQ client
A tiny wrapper over amqp exchanges and queues 🚌 ✨
Bunny is a popular, easy to use, mature Ruby client for RabbitMQ
Lightweight library that handles RabbitMQ auto-reconnect and publishing retry routine for you.
Laravel Queue Rabbitmq
RabbitMQ driver for Laravel Queue. Supports Laravel Horizon.
Rabbitmq Server
Open source RabbitMQ: core server and tier 1 (built-in) plugins
Yii2 Async
Provides translucent api & queues for moving large tasks out of request context with SQL, Redis or AMQP.
RabbitMQ Bundle for the Symfony2 web framework
Azure Event Hubs Node
Node client library for Azure Event Hubs
💯 percent reliable microservice communication
Saunter is a code-first AsyncAPI documentation generator for dotnet.
Yii Queue
Queue extension for Yii 3.0
Yii2 Queue
Yii2 Queue Extension. Supports DB, Redis, RabbitMQ, Beanstalk and Gearman
Fedora Messaging
A library for sending AMQP messages with JSON schema in Fedora infrastructure
RabbitMQ-backed microservices supporting RPC, pubsub, automatic service discovery and scaling with no code changes.
Spring Boot Rabbitmq
Spring Boot集成rabbitMQ实现消息推送
Porthos Go
A RPC over AMQP library for the Go programming language
imi 是基于 Swoole 的 PHP 协程开发框架,它支持 Http、Http2、WebSocket、TCP、UDP、MQTT 等主流协议的服务开发,特别适合互联网微服务、即时通讯聊天im、物联网等场景!。QQ群:17916227
Aio Pika
AMQP 0.9 client designed for asyncio and humans.
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