Top 810 azure open source projects

Electron + Kinect + PeerJS = Kinect data broadcast to browsers
Azure Plantuml
PlantUML sprites, macros, and other includes for Azure services
Innereye Deeplearning
Medical Imaging Deep Learning library to train and deploy models on Azure Machine Learning and Azure Stack
The .NET 5 blog system of, runs on Microsoft Azure
Deploy your apps on any Cloud provider in just a few seconds
Data Accelerator
Data Accelerator for Apache Spark simplifies onboarding to Streaming of Big Data. It offers a rich, easy to use experience to help with creation, editing and management of Spark jobs on Azure HDInsights or Databricks while enabling the full power of the Spark engine.
Azure Spring Cloud Training
Guides and tutorials to make the most out of Azure Spring Cloud
RDBOX is an advanced IT platform for robotics and IoT developers that highly integrates cloud-native and edge computing technologies.
Packer helpers and templates for Docker, IIS, SQL Server and Visual Studio on Windows and Ubuntu
Awesome Azure
A Curated List of Azure Resources. The list provides you with enough resources to get a full overview of the services in Azure and get started with cloud computing.
Azure Service Bus Dotnet
☁️ .NET Standard client library for Azure Service Bus
Azure Event Hubs
☁️ Cloud-scale telemetry ingestion from any stream of data with Azure Event Hubs
Microsoft Authentication Library For Python
Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL) for Python makes it easy to authenticate to Azure Active Directory. These documented APIs are stable If you have questions but do not have a github account, ask your questions on Stackoverflow with tag "msal" + "python".
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Api Management Developer Portal
Azure API Management developer portal.
Azure Batch Samples
Azure Batch and HPC Code Samples
Applicationinsights Home
Application Insights main repository for documentation of overall SDK offerings for all platforms.
U-SQL Examples and Issue Tracking
Azure Functions Python Worker
Python worker for Azure Functions.
Serverless Azure Functions
Serverless Azure Functions Plugin – Add Azure Functions support to the Serverless Framework
Duplicacy Autobackup
💾 Painless automated backups to multiple storage providers with Docker and duplicacy.
React Adal
Azure Active Directory Library (ADAL) support for ReactJS
Blackbelt Aks Hackfest
Microsoft Intelligent Cloud Blackbelt Team :: Hackfest Repo
Azure In Bullet Points
☁️ Azure summary in bullet points
Terraform Provider Azurerm
Terraform provider for Azure Resource Manager
Openapi Directory
🌐 Wikipedia for Web APIs. Directory of REST API definitions in OpenAPI 2.0/3.x format
Azure Gaming
Cloud Gaming Made Easy
Azure Container Networking
Azure Container Networking Solutions for Linux and Windows Containers
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Azure Sdk For Net
This repository is for active development of the Azure SDK for .NET. For consumers of the SDK we recommend visiting our public developer docs at or our versioned developer docs at
Open Source Workflow Engine for Cloud Native Infrastructure
Azure Cosmos Js
@azure/cosmos has moved to a new repo
🔧 Automatically deploy customizable Active Directory labs in Azure
Prevent cloud misconfigurations during build-time for Terraform, Cloudformation, Kubernetes, Serverless framework and other infrastructure-as-code-languages with Checkov by Bridgecrew.
Drone Cache
A Drone plugin for caching current workspace files between builds to reduce your build times
Python notebooks with ML and deep learning examples with Azure Machine Learning Python SDK | Microsoft
Vscode Azurefunctions
Azure Functions extension for VS Code
Azure Services Map
A visual representation and reference to Azure services
Aks Secure Baseline
This is the Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Baseline Cluster reference implementation as produced by the Microsoft Azure Architecture Center.
Enhance your WordPress content with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning services.
Version 1 of Technical Best Practices of Azure Databricks based on real world Customer and Technical SME inputs
Machine Controller Manager
Declarative way of managing machines for Kubernetes cluster
Create free cloud architecture diagrams
This project born from the need from people to have a way of communication between municipalities and communities. Some municipalities, have their platforms, but they are complex to validate the veracity of complaints. Denounced, it was born with the purpose of offering a free platform to these municipalities. Denounced consists of three main modules developed with Microsoft technologies, using the .Net Framework and Xamarin for its development: 1. Back End Web Project: Module of administration of the complaints, by the employees of the town councils. In this tool, the employees of the city council receive, validate, report and close the complaints, after being served. 2. Web Portal Client: It consists of a web project, so that the community make their complaints, in the same, the users of the service create a profile, must specify when making their complaint, evidence to support this. Through the portal, they can see the complaints of other community members, follow it, give their opinion or provide possible solutions or more evidence. 3. Mobile Project: It has the same functionalities as the web portal, with the addition, that the automatic location can be sent, from the cell phone.
Application Insights Workbooks
Templates for Azure Monitor Workbooks
Azuredevops Postman Collections
The collections allow you to test common Azure DevOps Rest APIs from within Postman.
Free tech resources for faculty, students, researchers, life-long learners, and academic community builders for use in tech based courses, workshops, and hackathons.
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