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Azure Event Hubs
☁️ Cloud-scale telemetry ingestion from any stream of data with Azure Event Hubs
Android spy app
This is a android spy app, which uploads user data such as contacts, messages, call log, send message(s), photos, videos, open a browser link etc. Android Rat
Fluent Logger Node
A structured logger for Fluentd (Node.js)
Pdf Bot
🤖 A Node queue API for generating PDFs using headless Chrome. Comes with a CLI, S3 storage and webhooks for notifying subscribers about generated PDFs
**NOT MAINTAINED** Two-factor authentication for Node.js. One-time passcode generator (HOTP/TOTP) with support for Google Authenticator.
Node Mysql2
⚡ fast mysqljs/mysql compatible mysql driver for node.js
Words To Numbers
JS library to convert textual words to numbers with optional fuzzy text matching
A voting application that leverages Hyperledger Fabric and the IBM Blockchain Platform to record and tally ballots.
Advanced vm/sandbox for Node.js
Basic Mmo Phaser
Very basic multiplayer online game example made with Phaser, Node.js and
Awesome Nodejs
A curated collection of best NodeJS Resources ✍️
Flake Idgen
Flake ID generator yields k-ordered, conflict-free ids in a distributed environment in Node.js
Node Pg Pubsub
A Publish/Subscribe implementation on top of PostgreSQL NOTIFY/LISTEN
Obs Studio Node
libOBS (OBS Studio) for Node.Js, Electron and similar tools
titra - modern open source project time tracking for freelancers and small teams
Focus Budget Manager
Budget Manager application built with Vue.js, Node.js, Express.js and MongoDB
Nodejs Master Class
🛠 This repository contains the homework assignment for Node.js Master Class that is focused on building a RESTful API, web app GUI, and a CLI in plain Node JS with no NPM or 3rd-party libraries
JS++, a sound static/dynamic programming language for web development
Plugin Nvm
Node version manager wrapper for Fish shell
Cross-platform Discord Rich Presence Maker, WITH BUTTONS!
ONLYOFFICE Document Server is an online office suite comprising viewers and editors for texts, spreadsheets and presentations, fully compatible with Office Open XML formats: .docx, .xlsx, .pptx and enabling collaborative editing in real time.
基于node的cms系统, 后端采用node+koa+redis,并通过本人封装的redis库实现数据操作,前端采用vue+ts+vuex开发,后台管理系统采用react全家桶开发
Node Connect Pg Simple
A simple, minimal PostgreSQL session store for Connect/Express
Find awesome libraries and make your development fast.
Postgres Migrations
🐦 A Stack Overflow-inspired PostgreSQL migration library with strict ordering and immutable migrations
BDD style assertions for node.js -- test framework agnostic
Vst Js
native node addon that allows for instantiation of natively installed VST3 audio plugins
An OpenStreetMap-based project for creating a map of the world's railway infrastructure.
Haxe externs for working with node.js
Expressjs K8s
Express.js microservice with a Dockerfile, Kubernetes YAMLs and a non-root user
Form Generator Plugin
An XML builder for node.js
One Time Password (HOTP/TOTP) library for Node.js, Deno and browsers.
a Slack bot that kicks asses (roundhouse-kicks to be accurate...)
Manual Node
📗 📒 (PT-BR Tradução) 2020 Edition - Tradução por Christy e Vinicius Dias (
Debating tournament tabulation software for British Parliamentary and a variety of two-team parliamentary formats
🚀 GraphQL & REST APIs to explore all the rockets, launches & other SpaceX's data
Very fast and lightweight, standards-compliant, self-hosted javascript parser with high focus on both performance and stability
Athena Express
athena-express makes it easier to execute SQL queries on Amazon Athena by chaining together a bunch of methods in the AWS SDK. This allows you to execute SQL queries AND fetch JSON results in the same synchronous call - well suited for web applications.
nvm is a version manager for node.js, designed to be installed per-user, and invoked per-shell. nvm works on any POSIX-compliant shell (sh, dash, ksh, zsh, bash), in particular on these platforms: unix, macOS, and windows WSL.
Node Playbook
Get started fast with Node.js
Node Static Page Generator
A basic static page generator for Node.js.
Async Ray
Provide async/await callbacks for every, find, findIndex, filter, forEach, map, reduce, reduceRight and some methods in Array.
Nw Ninja
A minimalistic NW.js starter project for ninjas
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