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Top 29 inotify open source projects

Monitoring changes in the source file and automatically compile and run (restart).
Node Inotify
Inotify bindings for Node.JS
Inotify Win
A port of the inotify-wait tool for Windows
Inotify Tools
inotify-tools is a C library and a set of command-line programs providing a simple interface to inotify.
Idiomatic inotify wrapper for the Rust programming language
in-process file monitor / reloader for reloading your code automatically during development
A pythonic, asynchronous, inotify interface
Run a user-defined command on file changes
✭ 163
file live sync daemon based on inotify/kqueue/bsm (Linux, FreeBSD), written in GNU C
A distributed file server framework based on swoole and inotify
Go Fsevents
Recursive filesystem event watcher using inotify in golang
A utility for running arbitrary commands when files change
📢 JS achieve the browser title flashing, scrolling, voice prompts, Chrome/Safari/FireFox/IE notice. has no dependencies. It not interfere with any JavaScript libraries or frameworks. has a reasonable footprint 5.05kb (gzipped: 1.75kb)
UPnP Media Server for 2021: Stream your digital media through your home network and consume it on all kinds of UPnP supporting devices 📱💻📺
Onedrived Dev
A Microsoft OneDrive client for Linux, written in Python3.
🚀 gowatch is a command line tool that builds and (re)starts your go project everytime you save a Go or template file.
Open multi-site list manager for Unix-like systems. (ex-wMAL)
A cross-platform file change monitor with multiple backends: Apple OS X File System Events, *BSD kqueue, Solaris/Illumos File Events Notification, Linux inotify, Microsoft Windows and a stat()-based backend.
Watcher is a daemon that watches specified files/folders for changes and fires commands in response to those changes. It is similar to incron, however, configuration uses a simpler to read ini file instead of a plain text file. Unlike incron it can also recursively monitor directories. It's also written in Python, making it easier to hack.
Haxe→C++/Hashlink/Neko bindings to the inotify linux kernel subsystem
This repository contains a docker image configured to use the SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) to transfer all its files to Cloud Blob Storage Services. This image can be deployed on a Kubernetes cluster with Helm.
gevent inotifyx
gevent compatibility for inotifyx
A shell daemon that will listen for directory changes and execute custom commands for each event.
File/Directory Watcher for Modern C++
Idiomatic inotify wrapper for the Rust programming language
A wrapper for tesseract / abbyyOCR11 ocr4linux finereader cli that can perform batch operations or monitor a directory and launch an OCR conversion on file activity
watch go files for developer, support run test case and auto reload server application
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