Top 6 ott open source projects

The New OTT Platform - an excuse to discuss and design a simple edge computing platform
An android application used to watch all premium content @free from Zee5 without any hassle😄
Streaming River IPTV server - proxy frontend
The live stream solution is a reference deployment that demonstrates how to deliver highly available live streaming video through an integrated workflow between Elemental Cloud and AWS.
Live streaming on AWS with Amazon S3 automatically configures AWS Elemental MediaLive, Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront to ingest, encode, package and deliver a single source live stream through the AWS Cloud. The Solution provides 3 Encoding profiles to support 1080p through 288p HTTP live streaming (HLS) outputs.
Python package to obtain, parse and explore biological taxonomies (GTDB, NCBI, Silva, Greengenes, OTT)
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