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Foundation lib
Cross-platform public domain foundation library in C providing basic support data types and functions to write applications and games in a platform-independent fashion.
A high extensible hardware communication platform using C#
Liste les API disponibles au sein de l'administration française
Microservices Platform
Qards is a blogging platform focused on performance and on closing the gap between content publishers and developers:
Grpc Web Devtools
Chrome & Firefox Browser extension to aid gRPC-Web development
Write, compile, execute and share Blazor components entirely in the browser
Klepto is a tool for copying and anonymising data
A versatile and extensible platform for home and life automation with hundreds of supported integrations
Awesome Platforms
A curated list of awesome security platforms,including CTF/Security Response Center/Bug Tracker and so on.
Sharetribe Go is a source available marketplace software, also available as a hosted, no-code SaaS product. For a headless, API-first marketplace solution, check out Sharetribe Flex:
A new accessible interface for your smartphone, suitable for seniors
A @laravel based RAD platform for back-office applications, admin/user panels, and dashboards.
Ofc Bootstrap
Bootstrap OpenFaaS Cloud for your team
🚀 A fully extensible and open source launcher for hackers, creators and dabblers.
Dotcom Rendering
The Guardian DotCom Rendering Service.
Open source checks for SAP Code Inspector / ABAP Test Cockpit
✭ 152
Open-source marketplace backend in Node.js, empowering Web platforms with Search API, Automation, Auth, Headless CMS… ⚡ 💻
Fast. Scalable. Powerful. The Blockchain for Web 3.0
Marvin Python Toolbox
Marvin AI has been accepted into the Apache Foundation and is now available at
Low Code Development Platform
Rintagi is the world's first open source low-code application platform with limitless extension and rejuvenation built and maintained by Robocoder Corporation. Since 1999, Robocoder Corporation has used Rintagi to develop and maintain mission-critical database applications for reputable companies, spanning multiple industries.
Self-hosted CMS platform based on the Laravel PHP Framework.
An Auto Rendering 🔽 Blogging System Based on MarkDown & Vue.js | 自动渲染装载 MarkDown 内容的博客系统
ReconNess is a platform to allow continuous recon (CR) where you can set up a pipeline of #recon tools (Agents) and trigger it base on schedule or events.
IVOZ Provider - Multitenant solution for VoIP telephony providers
Crawlab Lite
Lite version of Crawlab. 轻量版 Crawlab 爬虫管理平台
Mulesoft Docs
Main MuleSoft documentation repository
[NOT MAINTAINED] Main Webiny app responsible for parsing requests and bootstrapping other apps. Includes all the core ReactJs components.
📱Electronic commerce iOS APP framework
Ledge —— DevOps knowledge learning platform. DevOps、研发效能知识和工具平台,是我们基于在 ThoughtWorks 进行的一系列 DevOps 实践、敏捷实践、软件开发与测试、精益实践提炼出来的知识体系。它包含了各种最佳实践、操作手册、原则与模式、度量、工具,用于帮助您的企业在数字化时代更好地前进,还有 DevOps 转型。
Platform Web
micro platform web dashboard 服务治理与监控平台
An open source platform to accelerate and scale DevOps adoption across the enterprise
Platform Samples
A public place for all platform sample projects.
Collaborative content management system for musicology
open source platform for simplifying machine learning deployment
Kaa Internet of Things platform for device management, data collection, analytics and visualization, remote control, software updates and more
Lisk Core
📟 Lisk blockchain application platform
Qlib Server
Qlib-Server is the data server system for Qlib. It enable Qlib to run in online mode. Under online mode, the data will be deployed as a shared data service. The data and their cache will be shared by all the clients. The data retrieval performance is expected to be improved due to a higher rate of cache hits. It will consume less disk space, too.
A headless e-commerce for JAMstack sites
Platform for storing and exploring sensor data
Platform agnostic core - Web, Desktop, Mobile
Distributed web crawler admin platform for spiders management regardless of languages and frameworks. 分布式爬虫管理平台,支持任何语言和框架
Zero Fux
No Flux plus no Redux equals ZeroFux. A stateless unidirectional data flow implemented with Custom Events.
Pgsql Cluster Manager
Daemon and migration tool that manages Postgres cluster using etcd/corosync/pacemaker
Fast prototype
This is a machine learning framework that enables developers to iterate fast over different ML architecture designs.
Tb Cli
🛠️ CLI for rapid TB generate
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