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Keyfinder🔑 is a tool that let you find keys while surfing the web!
Twitch Hls Adblock
Block advertisements that are inserted in Twitch streams directly.
List of shit websites for blocking Google search result.
Spotlight and alfred app like search in your browser 🔍.
A Chrome and Firefox extension that displays GitHub Trending, Hacker News, Product Hunt and Designer News on every new tab.
Chrome Another Tab
Just building a Chrome Extension with Create React App and TypeScript.
Audion (Web Audio Inspector) is a Chrome extension that adds a Web Audio panel to Developer Tools. This panel visualizes the web audio graph in real-time and lets users inspect nodes.
Adds links to strings that look like Ethereum addresses to your favourite blockchain explorer. Adds protection against private key phishing. Offers custom site bookmarks.
Chrome 扩展:麻麻再也不用担心 Google API 抽风了
Module Linker
browse modules by clicking directly on "import" statements on GitHub ⛺
Browser extension that adds Picture in Picture support to YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Video, Twitch, Plex, and more!
Refined Github
Browser extension that simplifies the GitHub interface and adds useful features
Grpc Web Devtools
Chrome & Firefox Browser extension to aid gRPC-Web development
What Have You Made Today
Chrome & FireFox extension to replace the default home page. What have you made today?
Responsive Viewer
Responsive Viewer - chrome extension to show multiple screens in one view.
Bandwidth Hero
💂 Saves data by compressing images on web page
👻 Use your text editor to write in your browser. Everything you type in the editor will be instantly updated in the browser (and vice versa).
Excellent Software
收集那些优秀的软件(Windows & Mac & Android & Chrome Plugins)
Like On Github
Chrome extension - Link a repository with the extension and automatically save the links to content you like
Web Clipper
For Notion,OneNote,Bear,Yuque,Joplin。Clip anything to anywhere
Find Amazing Github Projects ⚡️
Generator Web Extension
Advanced WebExtension generator that creates everything you need to get started with cross-browser web-extension development.
An extension for Google Chrome (and Chromium) that inverts the luminance of websites.
Roam Highlighter
Chrome highlighter that quickly and easily puts your highlights into Roam format for easy pasting into your notes.
Save Page State
A chrome extension to save the state of a page for further analysis
NooBoss is an extension that handles your extensions like a boss!
Prettier Chrome
🎨 An extension that can run Prettier in the browser
Git Master
Git Master Extension for git file tree, support GitHub、GitLab 、 Gitee、Gitea
FairyDict, a dictionary, a chrome extension
Json Viewer
It is a Chrome extension for printing JSON and JSONP.
Chrome extension for copying posted code to clipboard from, &
Chrome / Firefox / Opera plugin for wallabag v2.
Random User Agent
😎 Google chrome browser extension
React Perf Devtool
A browser developer tool extension to inspect performance of React components.
Bilibili Live Hime
🍓 Chrome 扩展 - Bilibili 直播姬
Firefox/Chrome browser extension. SmartProxy will automatically enable/disable proxy for the sites you visit, based on customizable patterns.
Oldschool Github Extension
Revert GitHub's UI back to its classic look (before the June 23, 2020 update that has a flat, rounded and more whitespaced design).
Chrome Proxy Helper
Chrome PROXY extension, set proxy for Chrome browser
A reliable org-capture browser extension for Chrome/Firefox
jSearch(聚搜) 是一款专注内容的chrome搜索扩展,一次搜索聚合多平台内容。
Ping Me
A cross platform personalized Ping
Azure Mask
A browser extension (Chrome, Firefox) that toggles concealment of sensitive information found in the Azure Portal web page such as Subscription Id's
Sloth - an extension slowing down page loading to bring real user experience
Promise wrapper for the Chrome extension API so that it can be used with async/await rather than callbacks
Headless Recorder
Chrome extension that records your browser interactions and generates a Playwright or Puppeteer script.
Pt Plugin Plus
PT 助手 Plus,为 Google Chrome 和 Firefox 浏览器插件(Web Extensions),主要用于辅助下载 PT 站的种子。
Keyboard glee for your web.
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