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A web framework for Lua and OpenResty written in MoonScript
3scale API Gateway
前后端分离Blog系统,采用Nuxt、Vue 2.x 和 SpringBoot 全家桶。
LEMP stack/LAMP stack/LNMP stack installation scripts for CentOS/Redhat Debian and Ubuntu
Lua Resty Redis Connector
Connection utilities for lua-resty-redis
OpenResty/Nginx Gateway for API Monitoring and Management.
Lua Resty Jit Uuid
Fast and dependency-free UUID library for LuaJIT/ngx_lua
Lua Resty Repl
Interactive console (REPL) for Openresty and luajit code
Upyun Resty
UPYUN's open source software for OpenResty development
Ngx Oauth
OAuth 2.0 proxy for nginx written in Lua.
Lua Resty Auto Ssl
On the fly (and free) SSL registration and renewal inside OpenResty/nginx with Let's Encrypt.
Subzero Starter Kit
Starter Kit and tooling for authoring GraphQL/REST API backends with subZero
Lua Resty Requests
Yet Another HTTP library for OpenResty - For human beings!
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Motan Openresty
A cross-language RPC framework for rapid development of high performance distributed services based on OpenResty.
Lua Resty Http
Lua HTTP client cosocket driver for OpenResty / ngx_lua.
Lua Cassandra
Pure Lua driver for Apache Cassandra
Lua Resty Redis Util
openresty/lua-resty-redis 封装工具类
A high-performance & enterprise-class edge gateway middleware
Lua Resty Route
URL Routing Library for OpenResty Supporting Pluggable Matching Engines
Lua Io Nginx Module
"Non-Blocking" Lua Disk I/O APIs for OpenResty - Powered by Nginx's Thread Pool
Chef Openresty
An Opscode Chef cookbook for the OpenResty NGINX bundle
Lua Resty Multiplexer
Transparent port service multiplexer for stream subsystem
Lua Resty Ipmatcher
High-performance match IP address for Nginx + Lua
Lua Resty Waf
High-performance WAF built on the OpenResty stack
Lua Libcidr Ffi
LuaJIT FFI bindings to libcidr. Provides CIDR calculations for IPv4 and IPv6.
An OpenResty Lua MVC Web Framework
Lua Resty Ctxdump
Stash and apply the old ngx.ctx for avoiding being destoried after Nginx internal redirect happens.
lua redis client driver that support redis cluster
Lua Resty Post
HTTP post utility for openresty
a fast, minimalist web framework for lua based on OpenResty
Lua Nginx Redis
🌺 Redis、Lua、Nginx、OpenResty 笔记和资料
Docker Openresty
Docker tooling for OpenResty
Postgrest Starter Kit
Starter Kit and tooling for authoring REST API backends with PostgREST
Janus Webrtc Gateway Docker
Perfect Docker Image for Media Streaming Expert User ( )
Web security protection system based on openresty
【❤️ 互联网最全大厂技术分享PPT 👍🏻 持续更新中!】🍻各大技术交流会、活动资料汇总 ,如 👉QCon👉全球运维技术大会 👉 GDG 👉 全球技术领导力峰会👉大前端大会👉架构师峰会👉敏捷开发DevOps👉OpenResty👉Elastic,欢迎 PR / Issues
一键安装管理 FFmpeg / nginx / openresty / xray / v2ray / armbian / proxmox / cloudflare partner,workers / ibm cloud foundry 脚本
Micro Auth
A microservice that makes adding authentication with Google and Github to your application easy.
An RFC compliant and ESI capable HTTP cache for Nginx / OpenResty, backed by Redis
Nginx Openresty Windows
nginx for windows with openresty
Kong Docs Cn
微服务 Api 网关 Kong 最新文档中文版
Proxy Gateway基于openresty(nginx lua module)开发,可以作为接口网关(api gateway)使用,整合业务模块接口,微服务治理聚合,通过web配置界面,能够轻松进行代理配置管理,支持负载均衡,服务器状态检测等
Docker Nginx Auto Ssl
Docker image for automatic generation of SSL certs using Let's encrypt and Open Resty
[discontinued] A webapp for publishing video to multiple streaming services at once.
A pure Lua Postgres driver for use in OpenResty & more
luajit io framework
Lua Resty Mlcache
Layered caching library for OpenResty
Resty Redis Cluster
Openresty lua client for redis cluster.
A Lua library for reading MaxMind's Geolocation database
Massive Distributed Dynamic Proxy
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