Top 11 git-flow open source projects

My Git
Individual collecting material of learning git(有关 git 的学习资料)
Gitflow Avh
AVH Edition of the git extensions to provide high-level repository operations for Vincent Driessen's branching model
Git Cheat Sheet
git and git flow cheat sheet
Sample Maven project with a Jenkinsfile doing git-flow based release management
Use Git Flow with ease – maintain branches, semantic versioning, releases, and changelog with a single command.
Continuous deployment assistance for S3 + CloudFront environments
Control TortoiseGit from within Visual Studio
Oyster is a package generator for Unity Package Manager (UPM). It generates a best standards Unity package with automated deployments via CLI. Focus on coding your package instead of deployments, changelogs, ect.
Bump your git tag to the next version, easily. 👊
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