Top 971 Gherkin open source projects

2. Python Docx
Create and modify Word documents with Python
5. Oauth2 Server Laravel
An OAuth 2.0 bridge for Laravel and Lumen [DEPRECATED FOR LARAVEL 5.3+]
✭ 2,392
6. Aloha Editor
Aloha Editor is a JavaScript content editing library
7. Behave
BDD, Python style.
✭ 2,488
12. Sharetribe
Sharetribe Go is a source available marketplace software, also available as a hosted, no-code SaaS product. For a headless, API-first marketplace solution, check out Sharetribe Flex:
13. Zazu
🚀 A fully extensible and open source launcher for hackers, creators and dabblers.
14. Nifty Generators
A collection of useful Rails generator scripts.
15. Capistrano
Remote multi-server automation tool
17. Flowplayer
The HTML5 video player for the web
19. Multiple Cursors.el
Multiple cursors for emacs.
20. Servicecomb Pack
Apache ServiceComb Pack is an eventually data consistency solution for micro-service applications. ServiceComb Pack currently provides TCC and Saga distributed transaction co-ordination solutions by using Alpha as a transaction coordinator and Omega as an transaction agent .
25. Test Kitchen
Test Kitchen is an integration tool for developing and testing infrastructure code and software on isolated target platforms.
26. Rspec
Behaviour Driven Development framework for Ruby
✭ 1,747
27. Phpspec
SpecBDD Framework for PHP
28. Ftgo Application
Example code for the book Microservice patterns
29. Aiohttp
Asynchronous HTTP client/server framework for asyncio and Python
30. Composer
⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ Hyperledger Composer has been deprecated ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️
31. Specflow
#1 .NET BDD Framework. SpecFlow automates your testing & works with your existing code. Find Bugs before they happen. Behavior Driven Development helps developers, testers, and business representatives to get a better understanding of their collaboration
32. Radiant
Radiant is a no-fluff, open source content management system designed for small teams.
33. Duckrails
Development tool to mock API endpoints quickly and easily (docker image available)
34. Nominatim
Open Source search based on OpenStreetMap data
35. Pyrh
Python Framework to make trades with the unofficial Robinhood API
36. Calabash Android
Automated Functional testing for Android using cucumber
37. Cli53
Command line tool for Amazon Route 53
✭ 1,731
38. Amp Wp
Enable AMP on your WordPress site, the WordPress way.
40. Tuist
🚀 Create, maintain, and interact with Xcode projects at scale
41. Guides
Guides for Ruby and Elixir and whatever else I feel like
42. Jeweler
Opinionated tool for creating and managing Rubygem projects
✭ 1,503
44. Tugboat
A command line tool for interacting with your DigitalOcean droplets.
46. Pickle
PHP Extension installer
✭ 1,485
47. Pgcli
Postgres CLI with autocompletion and syntax highlighting
48. Mycli
A Terminal Client for MySQL with AutoCompletion and Syntax Highlighting.
49. Capybara
Acceptance test framework for web applications
50. Paperclip
Easy file attachment management for ActiveRecord
✭ 9,070
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