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🔥💥RxFFmpeg 是基于 ( FFmpeg 4.0 + X264 + mp3lame + fdk-aac + opencore-amr + openssl ) 编译的适用于 Android 平台的音视频编辑、视频剪辑的快速处理框架,包含以下功能:视频拼接,转码,压缩,裁剪,片头片尾,分离音视频,变速,添加静态贴纸和gif动态贴纸,添加字幕,添加滤镜,添加背景音乐,加速减速视频,倒放音视频,音频裁剪,变声,混音,图片合成视频,视频解码图片,抖音首页,视频播放器及支持 OpenSSL https 等主流特色功能
A tool for playing text based adventure games that communicate over Telnet. Features include simple alias replacement, triggers, timers, custom speedwalks, xterm256 color support, lua scripting, plugins and miniwindows.
Implementation of Opus encoder and decoder in C++ for android with JNI
JNI Bind is a set of advanced syntactic sugar for writing efficient correct JNI Code in C++17 (and up).
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